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Fred Lucas is the Chief National Affairs Correspondent for The Daily Signal. He regularly reports on politics for, and has written for Newsmax, National Review, Washington Examiner, The National Interest, Stateline, The Weekly Standard, Townhall, History Magazine Quarterly and others. He is the author of "Abuse of Power: The Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump" and "Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections." Before coming to Washington, he covered state capitols in Kentucky and Connecticut. Fred earned an M.S. at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and B.A. at Western Kentucky University.

Fox News
Dead? No problem - your check is in the mail

After admitting to spending nearly a decade fraudulently cashing her dead mother's Social Security checks, Pamela Thompson, 63, of Algiers, Louisiana, was sentenced in February to three years probation and restitution of $297,325 for theft of government services. Death can be lucrative.

The Daily Signal
19 Arrests Later, a Texas Town Is Torn Apart Over Voter Fraud

EDINBURG, Texas-The story that thrust a Rio Grande Valley city into the national spotlight is hardly a new anomaly, say residents such as Richard Monte. "Down here, voter fraud is not all that unusual," says Monte, a city planning consultant in a brown suit jacket, sitting with other activists at a table in Coffee Zone on McColl Road.

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The terrorist next door: States consider sex-offender-style registries for released terror inmates

Dozens of inmates convicted of terrorism-related crimes will be released from prison over the next five years, and lawmakers in several states think local law enforcement have the right to know if they're moving into their neighborhood. That's why officials are pushing for a new kind of registry, modeled after sex-offender registries that exist in most states - only for terrorists.

The Daily Signal
EXCLUSIVE: Here's Who's Bankrolling the Popular Vote Movement

The nonprofit organization building a coalition of states that favor choosing the president by popular vote promotes itself as nonpartisan, but is financed by millions of dollars from left-leaning groups. Some of the leaders of the movement are prominent Republicans, and most of the funding for the nonprofit, National Popular Vote Inc., has come from a wealthy Democrat and a billionaire independent.

Fox News
Antifa activist facing assault charges was tied to Democratic policymakers

What a difference a year made for Joseph Alcoff. On Monday, the 37-year-old has a court date in connection with charges he's facing in Philadelphia that include aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation for allegedly being part of an Antifa mob in November that attacked two Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, both Hispanic.

Fox Business
Big tobacco shifting to smokeless as smoking becomes 'less and less' popular

Altria Group's recent $372 million acquisition of a Switzerland-based maker of smokeless tobacco products comes as the industry seems to be shifting in response to plummeting cigarette sales. The transaction makes Altria, the parent company of Phillip Morris, 80 percent owner of the producer of a smokeless pouch called On!, a product similar to another nicotine pouch, Zyn, made by Swedish Match-which also produces Snus.

Here are six crimes Mueller should investigate

This article first appeared on the Daily Signal. What ousted FBI Director James Comey has told Congress could set the tone for what his predecessor, now the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, looks into.

Should the seriously ill be allowed to try experimental drugs?

This article first appeared on the Daily Signal. Laura McLinn's son Jordan was diagnosed at age 4 with muscular dystrophy, a terminal illness with no cure. But, McLinn says, matters could be much worse. That's because after the family tried for years, Jordan, now 8, qualifies for clinical trials for an experimental drug manufactured by NS Pharma.

Weekly Standard
The Evolution of Matt Bevin

When Kentucky governor Matt Bevin warmed up the crowd in Louisville ahead of Donald Trump's speech in March, he seemed to share the president's taste for superlatives: I defy anybody in the national media, local media, anybody who is a political expert among you to find one state in America anywhere in the history of America that has more profoundly transformed itself ideologically, politically, legislatively, Bevin said, than Kentucky in the last year of change.

Fox News
Still bruised from Clinton loss, left takes aim at Electoral College in court

A liberal-led push to overhaul the Electoral College could be moving from the op-ed pages to the courtroom, as a Harvard professor who flirted with a dark-horse Democratic presidential bid last year vows litigation to change the system. Criticism of the Electoral College was resurgent in the wake of Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss.

Special Report: The Government's Most Secretive Agency

From secret, unidentifiable email addresses to destroyed records to far-left pressure groups funded by billionaire progressives, the EPA has something to hide. And they'll try to take down anyone who dares demand transparency. It was called the "fishbowl memo," sent to all employees of the Environmental Protection Agency by Lisa Jackson, the agency's first administrator under President Barack Obama.

When It Comes to Dealing With Illegal Immigration, the U.S. and Britain Couldn't Be More Different

President Barack Obama (R) and British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) participate in a joint news conference at the East Room of the White House January 16, 2015 in Washington, DC. The two leaders had an Oval Office meeting earlier discussing bilateral issues including economic growth, international trade, cybersecurity, Iran, ISIL, counterterrorism, Ebola, and Russias actions in Ukraine.

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