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Writer with decades of experience creating B2B content, both straight journalism and ad copy, across a broad range of channels. Adept at turning complex stories into clear, compelling hooks. (Motto: there are no boring subjects, only boring writers.) Specializing in healthcare, legal and business content.

COVID-19 hits supply chains

Pharmaceutical companies put a lot of stock in innovation. Indeed, it's the very watchword of their existence. But it's the innovation of chemists working in a laboratory creating lifesaving drugs, not of engineers working in a factory resolving production-line inefficiencies. [journalism, global markets]
LLHOST INC. Prioritizes Customer Needs for Superior Service and Performant Hosting Solutions

Small to medium-sized businesses have many reasons to consider upgrading from shared hosting to a virtual private server (VPS). VPSs can rival some features of dedicated servers and the cloud at a fraction of the cost. Those include improved security, more bandwidth, disk space and uptime, greater flexibility and control over things like portals, and privacy policy. The list goes on. [sponsored content, tech, ghostwritten]

2017 pharma trends: Bon chance!

The man is a gambler. Say what you like about the 45th president of the United States, but there is no denying the breadth of his achievement or the level of risk he took to get there. This reality TV star broke, upended and openly mocked every rule the political class ever held dear, spent one tenth the money of his opponent 's campaign, and yet somehow still managed to pull off one of the most astonishing political victories in the history of western civilisation. [journalism, politics]

Clinical Practice Today
Five Reliable Apps for Physicians

Mobile applications make it easier than ever for physicians to supercharge their ‘peripheral brain.’ [journalism, tech]

Pharmaceutical Commerce
Pharma ups the ante on DTC advertising

For the fourth year in a row, direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising funded by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries continued to grow, most likely surpassing 2015's record-breaking media spend. [journalism, marketing]

Review of Ophthalmology
Should You Scratch the Itch to Sell Out?

Medico-legal doctrine has long been ambivalent regarding the employment of physicians by anyone else besides other physicians. For most of the last century, it was considered unethical. [journalism, business]

Optometry Times (advertisement)
Blue Light, Vision and the Eye

By developing an experimental framework to distinguish beneficial blue light rays from harmful ones, Essilor has effectively created a new field: photobiology research. [ad copy, medical devices]