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Journalist with multiple ambitions. Music guru, fitness enthusiast, writer, and lover of all dogs. I would love to be an ESPN Anchor for Sportscenter, have my own talk/radio show, become a DJ, travel the world and do much more.

City Limits
BronxVotes: Some Fordham Students Sit Election '16 Out

Several Fordham University students said they decided not to vote in today's election. They said they couldn't choose between either major party candidate. Ryan McNulty, 21, a senior at Fordham walking his dog on Arthur Avenue, said he had not even registered to vote.

City Limits
Slow, Late or Crowded, Buses are the Jugular of the Bronx

The subway system is one of the crowning achievements - and most frustrating burdens - of New York City. In contrast, the bus system is the poor relative, often ignored or taken for granted, the last resort for people who need cheap, reliable transportation to the many areas of the city that are harder to reach, and probably always will be.

Elite Daily
Why Caitlyn Jenner Rightfully Deserves The Arthur Ashe Courage Award

She's been the trending topic of the week so far, and her Vanity Fair cover has made her "free." Caitlyn Jenner has taken the media by storm in a venture of ground-breaking proportions, revealing her true self and paving the way for transgender individuals everywhere. "Why is this such a big deal?"

Elite Daily
LeBron James Deserves Any And All Comparisons To Michael Jordan

Fran Kilinski in Sports It's the timeless question everyone's been asking since LeBron entered the league as the self-proclaimed "King." You can hate him all you want, and I know people have their reasons, but at this point in his career, his achievements are undeniably, well, king-like.

Elite Daily
The Western Conference Finals Will Show Who The NBA's Real MVP Is

Fran Kilinski in Sports To some, it seemed obvious. To others, it was a tight race. The 2014-2015 MVP race was a whirlwind of Stephen Curry, James Harden and a dash of Russell Westbrook. However, Westbrook's elimination from the playoffs eliminated him from MVP contention, leaving Harden and Curry, the undisputed leaders of the Western Conference, to battle it out.

Elite Daily
Jameis Winston Is Finally Proving He's Mature, But For How Long?

Fran Kilinski in Sports "Famous Jameis" is the nickname some fans have coined for him in the past two years. In the past year, he's been famous for more things than just football. His off-the-field troubles, which included a sexual conduct violation that almost ruined his career, have made a lot of NFL analysts question whether or not he's ready for the demands of the next level.

Elite Daily
Is Steve Nash The NBA's Most Under-Appreciated Legend?

Fran Kilinski in Sports This past Saturday, the NBA saw one of the craftiest and classiest point guards to ever play step away from the game and retire. Steve Nash, the South African-born, Canadian-raised, future Hall-Of-Famer called it quits via his Twitter account by posting his thoughts to The Player's Tribune, a platform New York Yankee great Derek Jeter founded.

Overcoming Addiction and Adversity

It seems that the things that are most detrimental to our health can be the best stress relievers at times. Smoking, drinking, and eating junk food are all addictive and ill-advised ways to deal with our problems, but sometimes our mind tells us that it is the only way to make life better.

CCNY BeaverBeat
A Killer Instinct

By Fran Kilinski, Senior Correspondent It's been about three weeks since my season ended, but I can't help but think about that last game just as much as I think about next season. It's tough for any athlete to let go of a meaningful game, but it takes a certain type of sportsman to...

CCNY BeaverBeat
Going One and Done: A Playoff Story

By Fran Kilinski, Contributor Playoff basketball is what every baller lives for. It's that time to kick it into the next gear and play like you never have before; the adrenaline rushing through you is like none other. Not everyone experiences this feeling. The fight for this feeling is in every basketball player, but it...