Francie Ronan

Experienced Copywriter

Location icon United States of America

As a child, while other kids were outside playing sports, I opted to sit at the kitchen table to scribble down the exhilarating adventures of an imaginary group of friends I had created in my mind. This group of friends included a duck, a flower, a cat and a dog. I would spend hours at the table, jet-setting off in my mind to tropical beaches and magical castles, all while taking this group of friends with me. I still have those stories today tucked away in a drawer. Simply put, I was obsessed with writing. Creating new stories and stringing words along together to create a different world was so captivating, so enticing. As I've grown up, my love for writing has only blossomed into what it is today: my professional purpose.

I spent time perfecting my passion for all-things-writing at Texas Christian University where I minored in the craft. Upon graduating, I secured an internship as a social media specialist for a social media marketing agency in Kansas City. It is here I learned how to create content and blog articles for 8 different brands at once. Each brand has their own, unique voice that matters and it's imperative to keep that alive for each client. I am now a full-time copywriter for a bath and body company in Texas. I specialize in creating their web content, social media entries, script-writing and copy for their advertisements. I am embarking on my 3 year anniversary here as a copywriter and cannot wait to see where this passion takes me further.


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