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5 ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your holiday

In 2018, a study revealed that the global tourism industry might have a bigger carbon footprint than we first thought. According to the report, conducted by researchers at the University of Sydney and published in the journal Nature Climate Change, tourism is responsible for 8% of total carbon emissions worldwide.

The big money battle to control the Amazon

The media hype may have died down, but much of the Amazon is still disappearing at an alarming rate. We look at the powerful actors fighting over the world's largest rainforest, from corporate giants to government figures and indigenous communities.

5 ways to experience the Serchio Valley, Tuscany

The Serchio Valley, tucked between the Apuan Alps to the west and Apennine Mountains to the east, is ideal for experiencing the best that northern Tuscany has to offer. Carved out by the 78-mile (125km) Serchio River, no two days in the valley are the same.

6 adventures you must have in western Cyprus

Nestled in the western tip of Cyprus is an adventure playground waiting to be discovered. As you head into Akamas National Park, 25 miles north from the city of Paphos, it's immediately clear why this region is the perfect backdrop for outdoor pursuits.

These floating tiny homes will set you free

There's nothing quite like waking up to waterside views, and these beautiful properties offer the tranquil experience of living on the water along with the simplicity of a tiny home. Intrigued? Here's our pick of the world's best floating tiny homes.

Pompeii's secrets that are only just being uncovered

Ever since archaeologists first discovered the ruins of Pompeii, the ancient Roman city devastated by Mount Vesuvius, we've retained a fascination for the stories and secrets held within the site. From the foods Pompeii's citizen's ate and the gods they worshipped, to the ways they responded to disaster, there are some surprising secrets still being unravelled.

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Never Mind Veganuary: Why Christmas is the Best Time of Year to Go Vegan

Approximately three weeks before Christmas, I joined a growing number of Brits in the decision to go vegan. At university, where I could control my diet and eat as I liked, the change wasn't a problem - but as the Christmas holidays neared, I was overcome with a gnawing fear about how my family would react.