Francesca Pinder

Cultural writer and researcher

Location icon United Kingdom/Belgium

The art of drafting cultural policies

How may a legal framework be achieved for the fair status of the artist? What would be the spectrum of such a law? Who should be involved in the drafting of cultural policies? What models exist elsewhere and how do they relate to a reality on the field?

Lost in translation?

What do we value in shared processes? How can we ensure captivating collaborations? What do we have to gain from rejecting autonomous practice? From the outset, this session at IETM Valencia raised questions surrounding our individual perspectives and desires for international collaboration.

Pan's People Papers
Grotesque Gods In Pop Art Kitchens

The refutation of narrative or illusion presents us with a blankness in which we can better discern a reflection of our own state of mind and body. This paper will establish the installation, Is Adonis Upon Us? as a territory from which ‘bodies’ can be debated.

Pan's People Papers
Aphrodite - Goddess Gone Wrong?

Aphrodite - Goddess Gone Wrong? A celebrity goddess and, perhaps, a tragic figure. As one of Greece's leading deities, Aphrodite has served as the epitome of class and glamour. Yet a recent discovery sparks doubts. The upcoming publication, A Duty for Beauty, assembles Aphrodite's lost diary entries to tell hitherto hidden tales of jealous retributions, psychological experimentations, and abused lovers.

Bambi-Eyed in Pilsen

Sights to be seen at the closing party of Spring Forward 2016: hefty measures of free wine, fluorescent green lights and spontaneous post-festival performances (which were pointedly exempt from the official program). Somewhere in the midst of colliding bodies and explosive chatter, I was engaged in a half-hearted and somewhat dazed toe-tap. The vast space of DEPO2015 and several other Aerowaves platform venues had played host to (too?) many performances that weekend, and I was desperately...

Staying Alive

Review of Staying Alive by Jasna L. Vinovrski.


Review of Douglas by Robbie Synge.


Review of LARA by Mirjam Sögner.


Review of HOME by Luis Marrafa.

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