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Writer and researcher focused on news and international politics. Previously worked as a political analyst at a private London-headquartered consulting firm, but have also published on arts and culture, environmental conservation and natural history. South African and UK citizen currently based in London. Please take a look through some examples of my work below and feel free to get in touch if you are interested in reading more.


Politics and security analysis: Middle East

Global Risk Bulletin
Failure to launch: Where is Islamic State in Algeria?

The recent assassination of a police officer in the province of Constantine is the first confirmed attack to be claimed by Islamic State in Algeria since 2014. However, the incident is unlikely to signal a change in the group’s struggle to gain momentum in Africa’s largest country. Francesca Fazey explores why.

Global Security Insight
Ennahda jettisons political Islam

Ennahda President Rached Ghannouchi told journalists that the concept of political Islam had become tarnished by the extreme ideologies of groups like Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

Global Risk Bulletin
The Scattered State: What next for IS in North Africa?

Islamic State's losses in Sirte have exposed the weakness of the Caliphate's claim in Libya. Nevertheless, they will likely prompt a return to insurgent-style guerilla tactics. Francesca Fazey explores the likely implications for the wider region.

Local news stories

Cape Business News
Hollywood "blown away" by SA production crews - Cape Business News

South Africa's international reputation for excellence in the film industry is fast extending beyond its scenic locations to now include the quality of its production crews. This is according to Chris Brancato, Executive Producer of "Of Kings and Prophets," the first big-budget television series from American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Studios to be shot entirely in South Africa.

Academic Publications

Marine Pollution Bulletin
Debris size and buoyancy influence the dispersal distance of stranded litter

Recent surveys of floating macro-debris in the southeast Atlantic Ocean found that debris increases in size with distance from shore, suggesting that many smaller items, which dominate litter close to urban source areas, sink before dispersing far into the ocean. We test whether this pattern is evident in beach litter in the same region.

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