Felix Quiñonez Jr.

Freelance Writer

United States

Born in Paraguay and raised on Long Island, in 2007 Felix moved to NYC to attend Hunter College. There, he studied journalism and art. Since graduating in 2010, he has also studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts.

His self-published comic books and graphic novels have been sold in stores in NYC and online. His writing has been published in the Hunts Point Express, My Culture Magazine, USA Today, and various online publications. He has covered local politics, movies, and art.

He is the co-editor and contributor to a comic book Anthology called Emanata. That book features the work of many other talented creators from all around the country. Felix also does storyboard art and freelance illustration.

The Neon Bulletin
On Nostalgia

Felix Quiñonez Jr.- What is it about Nostalgia that is so intoxicating? Why are we so obsessed with revisiting our past?

Boxoffice Prophets
Movie Review: Mid90s

Jonah Hill’s heartfelt, if dramatically thin, directorial debut Mid90s is an often entertaining, intermittently moving time capsule that succeeds in spite or perhaps because of the fact that it doesn’t actually have much to say.

MyCulture Magazine
Love 2.0

A Look at Love in the Digital Age

The Neon Bulletin
Is There a Downside to Binge Watching?

Felix Quinonez Jr.- Binge watching has become such a defining part of our collective viewing experience that it’s easy to forget that it’s a relatively new phenomenon. The practice gained popularity only within the last few years thanks to the rise of Netflix and other streaming services.

Boxoffice Prophets
Movie Review: Atomic Blonde

Clearly relishing the role, Charlize Theron shines in the stylish, intermittently entertaining Atomic Blonde. The movie, directed by David Leitch, has plenty of flair and some genuinely thrilling set pieces but is ultimately just a hollow facsimile of the movies it desperately wants to be.

The Neon Bulletin
Did Kanye West's Wyoming Experiment Suffer From Too Much Music?

Felix Quinonez Jr.- Kanye West is one of the rare stars whose every move triggers a response. So, it’s no surprise that when he announced his ambitious plan to produce and release five albums (seven songs each) over the span of five weeks, people took notice.