Fopé Jegede

Copywriter & Content Creator

United Kingdom

I’m a strategic thinker and creative storyteller with a keen eye for detail and originality. Combining versatile experience in copywriting, marketing and communications and teaching, alongside an English degree from the University of Cambridge, I have a strong eye for all things language-related.

I'm a published author, with my poetry featured on the BBC as part of the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony.

As Founder and Director of Oriki Collective, I design and facilitate workshops in creative writing, storytelling and public speaking. I am devoted to empowering others through the power of words.

In a world full of noise and information overload, I make content that matters.


Blog and Website Copy

Going Grassroots: Bottom-up Influencer Marketing

The sun is shining, we're standing side by side, gazing into the ocean. "No guys", my friend interrupts from behind, "you look too posed - we need a candid photo." The very irony of staging 'candidness' sounds ridiculous but is all too familiar. We scroll down our Instagram feeds and boast in those unadulterated #nofilter shots.

Build a tribe, not an audience

We all have that one friend who always has a story to share. And they're pretty darn good at telling them. We gather round the table in eager anticipation of the ridiculous anecdote and the inevitable laughter that will follow.

When They See Us - Oriki Collective

I am an avid reader and writer - it is safe to say that I am in love with words and the power that I believe they have. So I am especially struck in the moments when words, this medium that I place immense value on, seem to fail.

What Seasons Can Teach Us - Oriki Collective

After a questionable start, summer is finally in full swing in the UK! This is my favourite season so I am more than happy about this. It means long days as light stretches out unafraid of overstaying its welcome, brighter faces, lighter moods, flowers in glorious bloom - the list is endless for me.

Tavistock Tutors
Why Study English Literature? | Tavistock Tutors

Why Study English Literature? olI'll never forget one particular response when I announced that I was studying English at university: "but you already speak English." I bit my tongue and resisted the urge to roll my eyes, smiled and said - it's literature based, rather than language.

Our Services

Creative Workshops and Programmes This is the heartbeat of Oriki Collective: Are you a school or work with young people? Our programmes offer the opportunity for students to sharpen their creative and communication skills whilst building their confidence and self-esteem. This provides excellent preparation for academic assessments and the working world.

Commissioned Poetry

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Our Anthem

I was commissioned to write a poem by the 2017 Rare Rising Stars publication which celebrates the UK's top ten black students - awarded in an annual ceremony in the House of Commons. The theme for the publication that year was 'Community' and I was invited to recite my poem below at the celebrat...

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Alabastar Jar

I was commissioned to write a poem for issue 3 of POSTSCRIPT - 'cultural anthology' and publication. This issue explores the theme of defiance and the concept of 'Selfish Women.' Alabaster Jar I have been told to hoard treasure For the ones behind me For the ones ...

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A Declaration of Independence

I was commissioned to write this poem by Barby Asante, Artist and Curator, in response to her writing workshops for a selected group of women of colour at the University of Cambridge. A Declaration of Independence You say you cannot give me the universe But mother, there are worlds wrapped up ...