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Fiona Bramzell

Freelance writer and editor

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I am a Toronto-based freelancer with an insatiable curiosity and fascination about the world around me

Beach Metro Community News
Councillor McMahon recounts her successes and surprises - Beach Metro Community News

When Mary-Margaret McMahon steps down as Beaches-East York city councillor for Ward 32 at the end of November, it's no exaggeration to say that it is a more community-driven and culturally rich area than it was at the start of her time in office. To celebrate and honour Councillor McMahon's eight years as our city ...

Beach Metro Community News
Mrs. South Asia Canada takes nothing for granted - Beach Metro Community News

Whether you believe life is shaped by karma or governed by our own personal drive and determination, the newly crowned Mrs. South Asia Canada, Amita Seth, would probably tell you it's a little of both. This latest achievement epitomizes Amita's willingness to jump in, take chances and enthusiastically grab everything life has to offer.

Braeden Mitchell

It was from this raw, emotional place that Braeden's latest EP emerged, a record that he says came together very organically. It has been about three years since his self-titled debut EP was released and although he knew he wanted to release a new recording, he also knew that it needed to really reflect where he is in his life right now.

Club Villamar
The Best Restaurants Locals Love in Javea - Club Villamar

The historic town of Javea is located just outside of Alicante on the northeast tip of Costa Blanca. A market town with an active fishing port, Javea is known for its fresh produce, meats and, of course, daily catch of seafood.

Club Villamar
The 3 Most Beautiful Towns in Costa Brava - Club Villamar

The region of north-eastern Spain known as Costa Brava is truly one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich areas along the coast of the Mediterranean. The name literally means 'wild coast', and there are so many gems among the white sandy beaches and quaint fishing villages, choosing which one to visit is like picking just one diamond among many!

The Facts about Chemotherapy and Hair Loss - Regenepure

Hair loss is a sensitive subject. Hair loss and cancer? Well, that's a subject no-one likes to talk about. Unfortunately, if you are one of the many people that go through this devastating disease and undergo chemotherapy, hair loss is likely to occur. | Blog
How To Care Dry Skin | Tips To Treat Dry Skin | Solvaderm

Treating dry skin, whether just the odd patch or all over the face, takes more than simply applying moisturizer after washing. While moisturizing is important, take note of these other tips to treat dry skin properly and even prevent it from happening in the first place. | Blog
Prevent Eye Wrinkles | Eye wrinkle Treatment | Solvaderm

As we get older it is inevitable that we're going to see signs of aging on our face. Usually the areas that are most animated, such as around our eyes, are where these lines and wrinkles show up first which is why some people undergo cosmetic procedures that 'freeze' the muscles in these areas.