Fionna McLauchlan

Graduate, photo blogger and aspiring journo/communications professional

Location icon United Kingdom

Former Photography Editor at the award-winning online student magazine The Student Journals and student publication of the year (2013) The Boar. Recent graduate of The University of Warwick with a 1st in French and History (BA Dual Hons).

Professional experience: The Times, the Independent, Plan UK, Norwich Evenings News and Eastern Daily Press.

Skills: writing, editing, content management, social media, photography and PR (particularly within the NGO sector).


The Times

The Times
Emma Watson denies Fifty shades role

Emma Watson may be trying to shake her Hermione Granger good-girl image – but not so much that she’d star in Fifty Shades of Grey, it seems.

The Independent

Norwich Evening News

The Student Journals

The Student Journals
INTERACTIVE: NUS Demo against cuts and fees

Follow our interactive journey as we tweet throughout the day as students from around the country gather to protest against tuition fees and cuts.

The Student Journals
Review: Chernobyl Diaries

Fionna McLauchlan gives her take on the latest horror movie out in cinemas today, Chernobyl Diaries

The Student Journals
Review: In the Land of Blood and Honey

n the Land of Blood and Honey marks Angela Jolie’s first foray as a director. Fionna McLauchlan inspects Jolie’s efforts in this film about love and pain during the Bosnian war.

The Student Journals
What's so great about The Artist?

It has taken the world by storm and performed wonderfully during ‘awards season’. Fionna McLauchlan details just why The Artist has endeared itself to cinema lovers worldwide.

The Student Journals
A Reflection on Eve Arnold

Fionna McLauchlan reflects on the death of pioneering photojournalist Eve Arnold and the legacy of her outstanding career.

The Student Journals
Fionna McLauchlan’s Top Ten Films of 2011

Fionna McLauchlan gives her pick of this year’s best films. Read on to see whether she picks the big sequels or the independent, artistic films.

The Student Journals
Intouchables Review

Fionna McLauchlan gives us the lowdown on Intouchables, the new film taking French cinema by storm. Find out just why it’s untouchable...

The Student Journals
New Documentary Forms

Fionna McLauchlan elegantly reviews the latest photography exhibition at the Tate Modern, New Documentary Forms.

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