Filiz Taylan Yuzak

Blog Writer

London, United Kingdom

• Journalism: Feature writing, pitching, research, interviewing, proofreading, editing, transcription

• Technical: Advanced computer literacy (Windows, Internet and Microsoft Office programs), uploading articles and pictures on different CMSs, speed typing

• Languages: Translation, English (Fluent), French (Advanced), Turkish (Native)

• Miscellaneous: Capability of taking initiative, high performance while working independently and under pressure

Loves to write about...
• Journalism practices, life in London, films, cultural and artistic events, food and drink, lifestyle

Fluent in?
• English, Turkish and French

Portfolio (18th Istanbul Akbank Jazz Festival website)
Olcay Saral - Anadolu Evolution

Turkish pianist Olcay Saral goes back to musical roots of Anatolia (18th Istanbul Akbank Jazz Festival website)
Far East Revisited

A music project bringing together two ensembles from Amsterdam... (18th Istanbul Akbank Jazz Festival website)
İlhan Erşahin: I Led Three Lives

A brand new pursuit of musical journey from renowned jazz saxophonist Erşahin

Nokta Magazine
Geçmişe Davetlisiniz

A different type of collecting: circumcision feast photography (post in Turkish)

Nokta Magazine
Panayır Coşkusu

Interview with Turkish Jazz pianist Ayşe Tütüncü on her last album "Panayir" and gig at London Jazz Festival (post in Turkish)