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Social Entrepreneurship: Introducing Incausa

At the basin of the southern Peruvian Andes, the Pacchanta people, twisting wool gathered from the alpacas that roam in herds across the snow-capped ridges, make yarn for weaving. Above them looms Ausangate, a pastel-colored mountain that changes shades with the seasons and shows wear of foot trodden paths that spiral around its steep slope leading up to the peak.

Esther Perel's Intimacy Inventory

One of the major themes we've come across during our exploration of intimacy this February is the idea that in order to have intimacy with others, we must first have intimacy with, or unguarded knowledge of, the self. Now, what does this mean exactly?

Wisdom from the Psychedelic Underground: An Interview with Charley Wininger

Charley Wininger is an “elder” in New York’s underground psychedelic community, meaning he’s had his fair share of encounters with substances like LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin. Like any good elder, Charley is ready and willing to impart the wisdom he’s gained as a result of these experiences, but unlike your typical “elderly” person, he is here to amplify an infrequently heard message: psychedelics aren’t just for the young and folly.

Life as a Death Doula: An Interview with Jill Schock

Jill Schock is a professional death doula. While the word “doula” is traditionally used in the context of childbirth, Jill saw a need for the role of the doula in the dying process as well, believing that having an emotional and spiritual guide could help individuals and their families prepare for and move through the death experience.