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GF Reads: Asking For It by Kate Harding

If you're looking for a book to really nail down how rape culture functions and how it looks in your every day life, this is the one.

Refusing To Let Go Of My Vancouver Pride

The parade my friends and I watch every year is far removed from its historical context, but make no mistake: at Stonewall, queers fought for their lives against cops.

Can trans masculine people get help at women's crisis centers?

"I kept my gender troubles secret as long as I could. Then I was sexually assaulted. I quit the crisis line, telling my volunteer coordinator that it was too much in the wake of what had happened, which was a partial truth. The whole truth, of course, was that I wasn’t sure the offer of counseling and support would stand if I was honest about my gender."

The 'Female Viagra' is a Flop, and I'm Glad.

When I first heard about Addyi, the part of me that was socialized as a straight cis woman was deeply curious...after all this time, could Addyi fix me?