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Fay Nyberg

Freelance copywriter, features writer, content marketing strategist & web editor

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm Fay.

I'm an NCTJ-qualified journalist with a Masters Degree in Magazine Journalism and lots of experience copywriting, content marketing and managing content processes within the B2C and B2B marketing and B2B and consumer publishing industries.

I really enjoy coffee and cake. I live in the North East of England. It's beautiful here.

I specialise in writing about:
* Hospitality marketing, hospitality tech, restaurant management, food and drink trends
* Babies, pregnancy and parenting
* Personal finance

As you can see from my portfolio, I tackle some more niche topics too.

My content services include:
* Freelance website content editing
* Business and publication content calendars
* Content strategy development
* Blog posts to brief or with ideation
* Features for online and print publication
* Ghost written e-books, thought leadership features and white papers

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Parenting, Babies and Health

Bump, Baby and You
What's it Like Having Hyperemesis Gravidarum? | | Bump, Baby and You

Today is International Hyperemesis Awareness Day. If you've been a sufferer of this condition you'll know just how important it is to make mummies aware of the symptoms and the support that is available to them. A complication of pregnancy, this condition results in extreme sickness that goes way beyond morning sickness.

Matalan - Baby Hub
Baby, Bump & You - Dressing Your Bump

Wondering what you'll be wearing for the next nine months? Not too sure what you need to stock up on? There's really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to maternity style but that's not always obvious!

Matalan - Baby Hub
Leaving The House With A Newborn

When baby arrives, you might relish the chance to cosy up at home getting to know your new addition. Or, you could suffer with cabin fever and crave direct sunlight. I was somewhere between the two. After weeks of being cooped up thanks to a heat wave and cankles, I was pretty keen to take the new pram for a spin.

Bump, Baby and You
Alcohol and Breastfeeding: Your Guide for The Party Season | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg With the party season on the horizon, we're taking a look at how breastfeeding impacts recommendations for drinking alcohol. We're covering what you need to be aware of if you're a nursing mum who would like to indulge in a tipple or two over Christmas and New Year.

Bump, Baby and You
Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg You've become accustomed to the lack of sleep caused by general discomfort and the small human dancing on your bladder and you're swiftly heading towards the latter half of your third trimester. If you're planning a hospital birth, it's time to think about packing your hospital bag, but where do you start?

Mattress Online Blog
Why Lullabies Help Babies (and us!) to Fall Asleep | Mattress Online Blog

If you're a parent, you've probably spent a good chunk of your time attempting to soothe a tired baby with a lullaby. But have you ever thought about the science or history behind them? There's good evidence to show that lullabies don't just help us sleep, they can actually make us feel better too, so it's no wonder they've stayed popular for centuries!

Bump, Baby and You
No Sex Please, It's Christmas! | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg It's the most wonderful time of the year! So naturally, December is traditionally the month here in the UK when more babies are conceived than any other month. Many December conceptions are meticulously planned, while others are unexpected Christmas presents.

Bump, Baby and You
Your Baby's Holiday Packing Checklist | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg Looking for a checklist for baby's first holiday? Even if you've been abroad with a baby before, it's easy to forget everything you need, we've all done it! And at the it's not hard to over pack and burden you with the extra weight of a superbly bulging suitcase either.

Mattress Online Blog
How to Get a Good Night's Sleep With a New Baby | Mattress Online Blog

Sleep can be a sore topic for new parents. While some babies sleep well soon after birth, it's perfectly normal for infants to wake throughout the night. This can take some getting used to, even if you've prepared for your new arrival. Babies are biologically wired to wake regularly in order to help them stay safe.

Bump, Baby and You
Helping your baby to sleep safely in hot weather | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg "Can't sleep, won't sleep," seems to be the mantra for babies and toddlers across the land thanks to the current heatwave here in the UK. Is your baby struggling to sleep in the heat? Do you know what temperature a baby's room should be?

House Beautiful
5 summer dinner party decoration ideas

There's something about summer evenings that demands soirees be punctuated with smoky scents, floral hues and conversations that carry on long after sunset. But there's no need to restrict your entertainment plans to barbecues only.

Hospitality marketing, management and food/drinks trends

the Guardian
Food clubs: clandestine cakes, private pies and an homage to fromage

If there's something Northerners enjoy more than the sharing of bread, banter and beer I am yet to come across it. It's this sociable disposition and desire to fill more than just our bellies that's at the centre of an explosion of food-focused clubs across the North.

Great British Food
The Science of Comfort Food

1,000 word feature for glossy food mag exploring why eating some foods feels like a hug from within.

What are the Solutions to Restaurant No Shows?

When guests don't show for their booking it can impact on a number of levels. Firstly, there's the disappointment that a table goes to waste when other customers may have already been turned away. Next, there's the cumulative cost of potential overstaffing and food that's been prepped but now won't be eaten.

Unique Ideas for Your Restaurant Soft Opening

The paint is dry, the tables laid and your staff is trained and raring to go. Now's the time to fling open those doors and invite in the customers by holding your official launch party. Or is it?

The Most Overlooked Profitable Menu Items for Restaurants

What items are the standout money makers on your menu? Do you know which plates consistently fly out of your kitchen and are profitable? Do you aim to get your food costs running at 30% or have you got a more balanced menu that takes factors like prep time, food waste and table turnover into account too?

Why You Need Restaurant Contribution Margins to Increase Profits

An item's contribution margin is more effective than food cost percentage in calculating the profitability of each individual dish. In addition, finding your overall menu contribution margin can give you an idea of how your menu is performing and give a metric to measure performance of individual dishes against.

Restaurant SEO Strategies for Boosting Your Website

If a potential customer went looking for your restaurant on the Internet, how easy would it be for them to find you? Search engine optimization is an incredibly important part of restaurant marketing. It helps to channel customers to information about your business.

Personal Finance, Marketing, Careers

Blog: Why we should embrace showrooming

A statement from Google I came across recently got me thinking about the phenomenon of 'showrooming', a trend that is changing the retail landscape. It highlighted the use of mobile phones in shops that is turning bricks-and-mortar outlets into showrooms for products that are purchased online.

Civvy Street
Exploring Your ELC Options

1,200 word feature with case study for magazine targeted at armed forces leavers

Smart Money People
Guide to Wedding Insurance

Whether you're planning to spend tens of thousands, a few hundred pounds or the national average of just over 20k on your wedding, as a significant investment of your time and money you should strongly consider protecting the big event with specialist wedding insurance.

Bump, Baby and You
BBY Parent's Tips to Slash Your Supermarket Spend | Bump, Baby and You

"How much do you spend on your weekly shop?" is by far one of the most asked questions over on the Bump, Baby & You Facebook group. It's asked by Mums who want to trim a little off their spend to help stretch their maternity pay further, those feeling the squeeze after a change of ...

What is a Student Credit Card? | A Guide by Money Guru

There's nothing like becoming a student for putting your financial management skills under pressure. You need to budget for course fees, living expenses and potentially pay for the roof over your head too. The last thing you want when you're wading through the quicksand that is coursework is to be worrying about lack of funds, so it pays to put budgeting skills in action from the off.

Smart Money People
Dental Insurance Guide

Even if your strict oral hygiene habits mean you're pretty halo worthy on the dental care scale, you may still need the help of a good dentist at some point. And, as an adult, if you don't belong to a group that benefits from free NHS treatment, you'll need to pay for appointments and dental work at the point of use.

Smart Money People
Best Pet Insurance for Dogs

Given the choice between a life without your car or void of the company of man's best friend, most devoted dog owners would probably plump for walks with their furry friends over time spent in a Fiesta. So why has pet insurance become such a thorny issue for many?

Understanding Your Credit Score | Money Guru

When faced with applying for any type of credit, you'll come across your credit score. With this guide, we'll look at what a credit score is, how it's decided and what it can affect. A credit score is a 3 digit number given to you to help rate your creditworthiness.

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