Fay Nyberg

Freelance copywriter, features writer, content marketing strategist & web editor

United Kingdom

I'm Fay.

I'm an NCTJ-qualified journalist with a Masters Degree in Magazine Journalism and lots of experience copywriting, content marketing and managing content processes within the B2C and B2B marketing and B2B and consumer publishing industries.

I really enjoy coffee and cake. I live in the North East of England. It's beautiful here.

I specialise in writing about:
* Hospitality marketing, hospitality tech, restaurant management, food and drink trends
* Babies, pregnancy and parenting
* Personal finance

As you can see from my portfolio, I tackle some more niche topics too.

My content services include:
* Freelance website content editing
* Business and publication content calendars
* Content strategy development
* Blog posts to brief or with ideation
* Features for online and print publication
* Ghost written e-books, thought leadership features and white papers

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Bump, Baby and You
What's it Like Having Hyperemesis Gravidarum? | | Bump, Baby and You

Today is International Hyperemesis Awareness Day. If you've been a sufferer of this condition you'll know just how important it is to make mummies aware of the symptoms and the support that is available to them. A complication of pregnancy, this condition results in extreme sickness that goes way beyond morning sickness.

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Baby, Bump & You - Dressing Your Bump

Wondering what you'll be wearing for the next nine months? Not too sure what you need to stock up on? There's really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to maternity style but that's not always obvious!

Matalan - Baby Hub
Leaving The House With A Newborn

When baby arrives, you might relish the chance to cosy up at home getting to know your new addition. Or, you could suffer with cabin fever and crave direct sunlight. I was somewhere between the two. After weeks of being cooped up thanks to a heat wave and cankles, I was pretty keen to take the new pram for a spin.

Bump, Baby and You
Alcohol and Breastfeeding: Your Guide for The Party Season | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg With the party season on the horizon, we're taking a look at how breastfeeding impacts recommendations for drinking alcohol. We're covering what you need to be aware of if you're a nursing mum who would like to indulge in a tipple or two over Christmas and New Year.

Bump, Baby and You
Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg You've become accustomed to the lack of sleep caused by general discomfort and the small human dancing on your bladder and you're swiftly heading towards the latter half of your third trimester. If you're planning a hospital birth, it's time to think about packing your hospital bag, but where do you start?

Mattress Online Blog
Why Lullabies Help Babies (and us!) to Fall Asleep | Mattress Online Blog

If you're a parent, you've probably spent a good chunk of your time attempting to soothe a tired baby with a lullaby. But have you ever thought about the science or history behind them? There's good evidence to show that lullabies don't just help us sleep, they can actually make us feel better too, so it's no wonder they've stayed popular for centuries!

Bump, Baby and You
No Sex Please, It's Christmas! | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg It's the most wonderful time of the year! So naturally, December is traditionally the month here in the UK when more babies are conceived than any other month. Many December conceptions are meticulously planned, while others are unexpected Christmas presents.

Bump, Baby and You
Your Baby's Holiday Packing Checklist | Bump, Baby and You

This article was written by Fay Nyberg Looking for a checklist for baby's first holiday? Even if you've been abroad with a baby before, it's easy to forget everything you need, we've all done it! And at the it's not hard to over pack and burden you with the extra weight of a superbly bulging suitcase either.