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Expert Content Writer|Article Writer|Editor|Proofreader|Amazon Expert

All website needs excellent content to enhance their business and to enable their potential customers and clients understand what they're all about. I will ensure that I provide you with engaging, persuasive, compelling, appealing, and unique content that suits your requirements. No "fluff", just fascinating writing that will keep your audience seeking for more. What's more, I will complete your writing in a timely manner and can incorporate keywords, links, and free stock images to the content.

A Tip About My Background:
I'm a conscientious freelancer with a focus on quality and client satisfaction. I have a proven track record of writing excellent academic papers and building small scale businesses and companies. I believe in meeting deadlines and taking a project to the next level.
I have worked in both writing and digital promoting for 10 years with a passion for serving to new corporations and tiny business build their brands through numerous styles of promotion and help clients manage the burden of online marketing.
After working in both writing and digital promoting for many years, I've taken the step to explore the online world. In a short time, I have successfully completed a number of article-writing assignments and have written two e-books (published to Amazon - details on request). They have been well-received and positively reviewed. Most rewarding though, have been the relationships I have formed with my clients from far corners of the earth, many of them first-time authors who I have been able to help through the process.

I am passionate about the writing of all kinds and also am even in the process of setting up my personal writing company; an ambition I have had for Ten years.

My technique is this: Research, write, run through Copyscape and/or Grammarly, and finally proofread twice before sending to my clients. I will also complete any revisions that my clients may request.

I'm a native English speaker with huge experience on Amazon's Marketplaces, including:

- Writing high quality product listings, which convert
- Product research and sourcing
- Private labelling
- Amazon FBA
- Amazon Seller Central
- Amazon PPC / Sponsored Product campaigns
- Importing goods from overseas

I write Amazon product listings and descriptions that convert into sales. Individuals purchase products based on the perceived importance and by touching on their wants. My copy does both!

I have developed contacts with Chinese manufacturers and Trading Companies. I am able to take your brief, research prospective suppliers, and reach out, on your behalf, to source the perfect price and terms for every product you are wishing to source. This part of the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I'll get it all done for you and return to you with my recommendations and the reasoning to back them up.

Why You Should Hire Me?
✔ Over 10 years of Experience
✔ Worked with more than 1000 clients before coming to this platform.
✔ Worked on different niches including Education, Healthcare, SEO, automotive, beauty and Fashion, Lifestyle, Management, Social, etc.
✔ Worked on a lot of Amazon products and they are experiencing huge sales,
✔ Timely Delivery without compromising content quality.
✔ Complete Transparency and clear communication

I've in-depth experience making use of Amazon Seller Central. I can insert your product listings, book in your shipments, manage your PPC campaigns - or any other task you need.
Making an actual start on Amazon (or any other online platform) is a learning curve. There are clearly a lot of resources available - however, it requires time to learn and mistakes can be really expensive. If you hire me to deal with a task (be it big or small) you can free up your time and be assured that your job is in safe hands.

I’ve also been told that I’m nice to work with - but considering the fact that I work for myself, you’ll really need to take my word on that!

Please feel free to contact to talk about your requirements with me. I look forward to your message, to ensure that you get the superior content which you and your business needs.

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Stephen F

A keyword-rich article for a client's compensation claim website

Stephen F

A Cryptocurrency content that I wrote for a client's fabrication website

Stephen F

A Cryptocurrency content that I wrote for a client's fabrication website