Fallon Freed

Aspiring Corporate Communications Professional

Location icon United States

Recent UC Berkeley graduate with a major in Media Studies and minor in Journalism. Proven to be self-motivated, organized, and driven through experiences in current and past employment, along with educational endeavors. Skills in customer service, communication, and writing. Twitter addict. Pop culture enthusiast. Social media savvy.

Fido's 411
We Asked, They Answered: What's Your Favorite Dog-Friendly Bay Area Location?

Man-on-the-street interviews have never been so helpful. Here's what Bay Area dog owners chose as their favorite spots to take their four-legged friends. Move over cartoons, Saturday mornings are now going to the dogs, literally. Every Saturday morning, Ocean Beach hosts a "small dog beach walk."

When Fallon Left Berkeley
A Weekend in Krakow

I've been in Berlin for less than a month, and I've already decided it's time for a weekend vacay! So, why not go to one of my cheaper destinations of choice: Poland? To tell you the truth, I didn't even have a specific city in Poland I wanted to go-I just wanted to see Auschwitz.

Song Lyrics Poster

Combined Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop song lyric project