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I am an engineer interested in researching and studying about many topics such as Technology, Philosophy, Biology, among others, and in writing about my personal reflections and topics that interest me.
I am looking for opportunities to make use of my writing skills, to improve them and to also professionally grow as a writer.
My native language is Portuguese and I am also fluent in English.
Medium profile: https://medium.com/@fabiorbap

Is your mind a river or a lake? - Fabio Rachid - Medium

Reflections on the watery nature of our conscience We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. In this memorable statement, Carl Sagan pointed out that, since the birth of mankind, even before we organized as societies, we have broken every barrier, exploring places even outside our home planet.

How a Stoic faces social isolation

Living and thriving in a time of great hardship I've always been interested in the Stoics. Last year, I read a book on Epictetus, a prominent Stoic figure, I watched videos about Stoicism and, most importantly, I tried to apply its principles in my life.

Android UI Development 101 - Part 1: Views! - Fabio Rachid - Medium

You wanted to understand Android and to try making an app for development experimenting purposes. Or perhaps you had a great idea that will change the way your coworkers use their smartphones at work. Or maybe you love technology and want to study every platform out there.

Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
On how Philosophy can boost your personal growth - Noteworthy - The Journal Blog

According to Wikipedia (I won't debate extensively in this article about the definition of the word, this is just a reference), Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. The word "Philosophy" often emanates a mysterious scent.

The Self Help pandemic: how we are progressively becoming equations

For a long time, I twisted my nose whenever I heard the term "self help". I pictured men in suits or women in dresses with their arms crossed, smilling at the camera, a title like "Top performers" and a subtitle like "How top performers achieve high levels of productivity".

Whatever happens, remember, the sky will always be there

Our lives are surrounded by concerns of many kinds. We end up spending our days worried about the present and the future, always anxious for the time when problems will be over. We forget new ones will come, from unexpected sources. Life sometimes feels like unending chaos and turmoil.

On why you should feel sad. - Fabio Rachid - Medium

You're feeling down. Your partner upset you. You will have to delay the beginning of your personal project. You are short on money and won't be able to travel on your vacations. You had an argument with your sibling. The causes can be many, as well as their intensity.

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