Deborah Rogers

Writer / Editor / Marketing & Communications Specialist


Originally from the UK, I am now based in Victoria BC. An English graduate of the University of the West of England, I have been working as a freelance writer and editor for over ten years.

As a member of the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island I have worked with authors and students, editing and proofreading a variety of texts including magazine articles, website copy, fiction and academic papers, as well as writing a variety of commissioned copy. After a year as Editor-in-Chief of Seaside Magazine, I am now Editorial Director, overseeing the print magazine, social media assets and website. I also contribute two monthly columns to Seaside Magazine, which has a print run of 19,000, and a strong, loyal following.

Over many years working at an advertising agency I have also written large volumes of press releases, website copy, advertising copy and marketing materials. I'm interested in authored, co-authored or ghostwriting assignments. And am willing to undertake research, or write from provided notes.

Last Word with Deborah Rogers -

The way each of us choses to respond to the inevitable environmental catastrophe facing our planet will be very telling. As countries get richer it seems they are less able to keep a handle on their consumption, and make no mistake, it's consumption of resources that is changing the livability of the world and limiting the future of generations to come.

Seaside Magazine - April 2015
Can We Talk with Dr Kate Moran

Editor-in-Chief Deborah Rogers talks with Dr Kate Moran, President & CEO of Ocean Networks Canada

Help Fill a Dream Foundation
DEEP 50 Challenge - Wrap Up | Help Fill a Dream Foundation

December 23, 2019 We were delighted when our friend Donald Peterson told us last year that he was going to raise some money for us in 2019. We were surprised (intrigued/impressed) when we learned how he was planning to do it! Turning 50 is a significant milestone.

Seaside Magazine March 2018 Issue
March 2018
Last Word

At the Victoria Women’s March in February, the prevailing mood of those watching us take our protest to the Parliament Buildings, as well as online commentators, was an incredulous: “what do you have to complain about?” ...

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Deb's Day Out sees Editorial Director Deborah Rogers taking on a new challenge or activity every month. In November she tested her skills at an Escape Room with the rest of the Seaside team!

Seaside Magazine February 2017 Issue

Last Word with Deborah Rogers After the disrupted routines of the holiday period I love to take time in January and February to settle back into my rhythm and make plans for the year ahead ...

Seaside Magazine July 2014 Issue - Homes

Modern Living on a Heritage Plot. It's a warm and sunny evening when I meet Susan and Len at their idiosyncratic North Saanich home. You could easily miss it, nestled as it is at the edge ...

Seaside Magazine November 2015 - Feature Article

Made on the Peninsula: the economic powerhouse at the heart of our community. While manufacturing across Canada has seen a decline in the past decade, the Saanich Peninsula tells a story of successful investment ...