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Accomplished writer, researcher, and blogger with over 30 years writing experience. I've written for individuals, small businesses, and currently own and write for ewriteplace, a small writing business that provides research-based writing services to clients for their web sites and blogs and personal memoirs, vacation highlights, pet stories, life events and family photo books.

I'm an avid researcher and writer, who enjoys exploring the corners of life, and the historical markers in American history that have allowed us to enjoy the life and land around us.


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So, how do this? How do you start getting stronger? You don't have to join a gym and start lifting weights, necessarily. It's as easy as getting up from your chair and walking! Stretch your legs! Move your arms and shoulders! Dance!


Can you feel my heartbeat? By Andrea Erickson February is the month of Valentines and love. Herman's Hermits captured these feelings in 1963 with their hit song, "Baby Baby, can you feel my heartbeat?"


Back in my 20's, 30's, and even well into my 40's, I always had an touch of 'wild and crazy' in my blood. Whether it was biking with a group of friends for 50 miles, skiing in a snow squall, hiking down a remote trail in the wilderness, or hopping on a train in Europe with no destination in mind to see if I could find the sun.

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Historic Neighborhood Ramblings

I bought this house-on-the-hill in Marlborough. It was a tiny farmhouse with some interesting and pristine features - carved mantle, plaster moldings surrounding the living room and dining room, pocket doors, hardwood floors. I was the third owner (so I was told): the first owner's family lived here as dairy farmers until the mid-1980's when the last immediate member of the family, Lillian, passed on.

Life and Art - Why a Blog?

I understand the term 'cabin fever' now. Not that I didn't understand this term before, but it's been so darn cold for so long this winter, being confined to one room to conserve heat is mental torture. It's Spring in New England, but there was a blizzard in Massachusetts today.

Basement Beginnings

Removing the peat pots was the best thing we could have done. Once they were able to establish their roots again, the plants took off! With continued watering from our trusty rain barrel, and fertilizing, the changes were fast and remarkable!


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