Eve Solomon


United Kingdom

A senior marketing and communications partner with expertise in brand and corporate messaging, internal and external communications, content development, stakeholder engagement and campaign planning.

Creative, innovative and people focused, with ability to distill and translate complex material and business concepts into digestible formats for a range of audiences and across organisational levels.

Marketing strategies, communications and engagement planning, stakeholder management, corporate writing, internal and external communications, stakeholder briefs, white papers, ghost writing, thought leadership, landing pages, website teardowns, campaigns, PR, award writing, brand and business development.

TEC Action Alliance
Creative Lead - TEC Action Alliance

Creative lead in the development of the TEC Action Alliance website, the first alliance of the technology enabled care sector with the strategic goal to drive policy change across industry and up to government. Welcome to the TEC Action Alliance Together we are driving Change and Action for technology enabled care to empower the individuals, their families, care givers and communities.

PODCAST: Podbean
Digital Care Futures: Start ups and Innovators

Digital Care Futures2. Technology and Care: Startups and Innovators Technology is fundamental to our everyday lives and is becoming increasingly 'smart' through the use of sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data collection and processing. There has been an explosion of new developments in the care and technology marketplace, with new devices, software and service models, focused on different consumers within the care ecosystem.

TSA Article
ARTICLE: How mental wellbeing became central to TEC and frontline operations

Loneliness and concerns about the pandemic drove a number of sustained spikes in challenging calls to TEC monitoring centres, but the unspoken story lies in the high-level distress calls often received by TEC monitoring staff who were mainly unprepared and untrained for the proliferation of distress calls that often contained imminent threat.