Evelyn James

Freelance Writer

United Kingdom

Evelyn James is a UK-based, emerging freelance writer who's passionate about entrepreneurship, and showing young people that starting a business can be a viable career path. She creates a variety of content for all aspects of running a business, from startup to full-scale. When she isn't writing, she can be found either out on a walk or curled up with a book.

How to Adapt Your Marketing for Lockdown and Beyond

2020 has - and continues to be - a tricky year for businesses. Some have seen their workload increase drastically, whereas others have had to downscale operations or close altogether. Looking to the future, it becomes more and more obvious that now is the time to really be concentrating your marketing efforts.

Coronavirus Pandemi and Rural Business

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect Your Rural Business The Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world at the moment is affecting everything about the way that our society is functioning. From the temporary closure of schools to the rationing of certain food in the supermarket - not to mention restrictions on the amount that we are able to leave our homes.

Just Brighton Jobs
Part-Time Jobs in Brighton You Overlooked

Part-time work in Brighton is a great way to maintain a healthy work/life balance and to build up experience in a career you are interested in. And the great thing is, fewer hours doesn't have to mean a drop in income. Many part-time positions have the potential to earn well above minimum wage.

Recruitment Juice
Innovative Skills to Learn at Home | Recruitment Juice

The constant technological advancements and discoveries happening in the world have caused the way we work to drastically change. A study by McKinsey Global Institute revealed that almost half the current jobs carried out by people have the potential to be automated by currently existing technology.

Changes Bristol
Article: The Best & Worst of Social Media - Changes Bristol

It is safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our relationship with the internet forever. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people working from home, musicians, and other artists promoting their work through live online concerts and family quizzes via web conferencing platforms, for example.

Creating an eco-friendly office space

To create an eco-friendly office, you can go from very simple by switching a few items that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money, as well as changing just a little the decoration such as adding plants that will literally bring your space back to life.

Top green business trends to embrace now

There's never been a better time to improve your business' sustainability practices and find ways you can minimize its impact on the planet. It's what increasing customers are looking for in the products they buy, the services they use and the companies they choose to be loyal to.

Coronavirus Crisis: 3 Strategies to Improve Team Collaboration

COVID-19 has turned working life in 2020 upside down with many offices, buildings and workspaces suddenly becoming inaccessible or otherwise unsafe. This means that, for many businesses, the living room is the new office, and team meetings now rely on a strong Wi-Fi connection and access to video conferencing.