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Huck Magazine
Can a renters union really help you take on your landlord?

When the phones started ringing as their shift began, staff working at Nottingham City Homes (NCH) likely thought that Tuesday June 30 was going to be a busy, if uneventful, day. The first caller to get through was 65-year old John Hiley, the owner of a leasehold property overseen by the housing management company, which is effectively part of Nottingham City Council.

Facebook denies "imbalance of power" between platforms and publishers - Journalism News from...

A senior Facebook executive has denied there is an "imbalance of power" between the social media platform and publishers as he gave evidence to a parliamentary inquiry. The House of Lords Digital and Communications Select Committee is looking into the future of journalism including the question of whether 'digital giants' Google and Facebook should be made to pay publishers for the content they re-use.

Hull City bans Hull Live journalists due to 'negative coverage' - Journalism News from...

Sports reporters from a regional daily and its companion website have been told they are "not welcome" at a championship football club after what it claimed was "negative coverage." Journalists from the Hull Daily Mail and Hull Live website have been effectively barred from Hull City's KCOM stadium, left, and will have no access to the club's head coach or players for the rest of the season.

Labour hold onto three Hull seats but with massively reduced majorities

Labour's Diana Johnson, who was standing for re-election in Hull North. Picture by Les GibbonHull News & Pictures Ltd But the problems which saw Labour lose so many heartland strongholds across the country - Brexit and Corbyn - clearly factored here too, with the winners each seeing their majorities slashed considerably.

The Overtake [beta]
Harsh drug laws cause more harm than good, particularly for young people

"If we went out raving and we were both going to take Es but you scored the E, and I took it willingly and died, the argument is: 'should you be held legally responsible for my death?'" It's a pretty simple question, posed by Chris Brady from The Loop, a drugs-testing and harm reduction service.

The Overtake [beta]
Rory Stewart: The billionaires' choice

His style of campaigning has tried to portray a kind of grassroots, DIY-brand of insurgent new-Toryism. His willingness to just get out there and chat to "real people" and his undoubted eloquence have endeared him mostly to those outside the electorate of this campaign.

The Overtake [beta]
Where are the UK's patriotic billionaires?

Unlike a large number of Brits, it's not the worry of making ends meet or sending children to school hungry that's stressing out our nation's billionaires. That's not to say life is without its worries when you're minted though. It's the fear of "Corbygeddon" that keeps the mega-rich up at night.