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Ethan Jacobs

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

With the dry wit of an under-appreciated British butler and the concise wording of a military dossier, most things I write cover big ideas in small spaces.

My surroundings inspire my writing. Everything about life piques my curiosity and I've found writing to be the most effective outlet at my disposal to explore and better understand the world I live in.

I love helping others get their ideas and voices out and onto paper, and if doing so means I learn something new in the process, all the better!



Rabbit Holes
Very Superstitious

Remember when you were younger and (enter name of a person older and consequently wiser than you here) was an unerring fountain of wisdom incapable of leading you astray? What kinds of things did they tell you? Don't sit too close to the TV, it will ruin your eyes; Don't swallow those watermelon seeds.

Rabbit Holes
That 70s Woe

I f you've ever seen the movie Spotlight, which, if you haven't, *roll my eyes*, you're by now familiar with the endemic incidence of child molestation that plagued Catholic eparchies in the US in the decades preceding the early 2000s. In fairness, you don't really need to have seen the movie to be familiar with...

Rabbit Holes
Risky Business

In the span of one day, Ferris Bueller lied about: Being sick; The death of his girlfriend's grandma; His school attendance record; and His own identity all while forcing his best friend to take his dad's antique Ferrari for a day-long GTA V-inspired joyride. Not to be outdone, Michael "Squints" Palledorous masterfully executed his own...


The Bogotá Post
Irie Kingz of the dancefloor

Track down an Irie Kingz playlist, hit shuffle, and close your eyes. You'd be forgiven for struggling to place them geographically. To the uninitiated, they could easily pass as Major Lazer's South American satellite group.

The Bogotá Post
The many faces of Alejandra Borrero - The Bogotá Post

Alejandra Borrero is many different things to many different people. Some recognise her as the acclaimed actress who set daytime television screens alight for nearly 30 years with roles in over 40 different telenovelas. She's also managed to turn heads with captivating performances on stage and in film.

Corporate Reblogability
The Case Against In-Kind Donations to the Philippines

Very little, if any, of the news coming from the Philippines is good. One week after what will surely go down as one of the worst storms in recent history, the current death toll stands at over 4,000 and is expected to climb further in the coming days with over 11 million people said to have been impacted by this disaster.

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