Ethan Chung


United States

Hello! I am a writer and editor based in Seattle.

Currently, I am a senior writer at Brooks Running where I create direct-to-consumer storytelling for the Run Happy Blog.

Most recently, I worked in internal communications at Amazon as a content writer and editor. I provided stories and internal news to the company's global corporate employees.

I have edited and project managed a number of Northwest travel publications, including the Visit Bellevue Washington Visitor Guide, Travel Tacoma + Pierce County Visitor Guide, and the Olympia Visitor Guide.

Additional publication experience includes key editorial roles at Discover South Lake Union magazine, 425 magazine, and South Sound magazine.

I am passionate about food, restaurants, and travel, but my experience extends to a plethora of topics, including business and startups, health, family, lifestyle, and more.

My goal is to provide engaging, valuable content for businesses, organizations, and publications.

I can help with:

*Social media
*Web content
*Email content
*Press releases
*Media Relations
*Ghost writing
*Content strategy
*Content project management
*Marketing communications

What's your story? I'd like to help tell it. Let's connect!



Internal employer brand guide
Global Employer Brand Book

My first major writing and editing project at Amazon was the Global Employer Brand Book, which contains the brand architecture, content, and guidelines for all communications and marketing materials that focus on what it's like to work at Amazon.
Amazon Career Day

I wrote and edited copy for the microsite of Amazon Career Day, a large-scale, six-city recruiting event.

Inside Amazon
Remote Control: WFH

I created, developed, and curated this story series campaign providing work-from-home guidance, tips, hacks, and stories to global corporate employees during COVID-19 pandemic.

Inside Amazon
EnAble: Brand your LinkedIn profile

I wrote about ABLE (Amazon Branded LinkedIn Experience), a tool to help Amazonians brand their LinkedIn profiles. The article was one of the most-visited internal articles on Inside Amazon (the company's global corporate intranet) in 2019.

Inside Amazon
Feel-Good Friday

I developed and wrote a weekly story series highlighting good Amazon news from across the globe.

US Day One Blog
Every dollar helps

Dave Hill, senior principal of executive recruiting, knows that homelessness can affect any family-regardless of socioeconomic background, support system, or resources. To underscore how it can hit any family, Hill shared a deeply personal story about his daughter's struggles with homelessness, while presenting to his organization at Amazon.
Amrit B.

As a data engineering manager on the PeopleInsight team, Amrit builds tools and technologies to deliver confidence in decision-making to HR teams across the Worldwide Operations organization. "Tech changes at a great pace. While we benefit from changing tech landscape elsewhere, HR is very untouched so far.

Print/Long Form/Features

Discover South Lake Union
Settled in Seattle

For more than 113,000 foreign-born residents, Seattle is a place of opportunity, hope, and sanctuary. Here are some of their stories.

The Brain Game

I became a brain surgeon for a day at The Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment in Seattle. This is what I learned.

425 Business
Starting Smart

A look at eight Eastside startups working toward disruption in a variety of industries.

Print/Short Form/Columns

Seattle Met
The Push and Pull of Paradise

I was born and raised in Hawaii. This is a personal essay about leaving behind heritage and wanting to create my own elsewhere.

425 Business
Poll Position

Pinnion CEO Michael Yerkovich keeps a working polygraph in his Kirkland office. It's not some dreadful managerial tactic to which he subjects his employees. Rather, the machine symbolizes one goal of the digital survey company: gathering truthful information.

425 Business
AppSheet Brings App-Creation to the Everyperson

"Have you ever built an app?" Praveen Seshadri, CEO and cofounder of AppSheet, asks me as he's preparing to demonstrate his company's platform at Eastside Incubator in Redmond. "No," I reply. "I mean, I'm OK with computers and technology. I've always wanted to, and I think coding and data have become such important aspects of journalism.

425 Business
WISErg Wants to Reduce Food Waste in Landfills

Redmond-based WISErg's business has been built with trash, and it was intended to be so. According to the state Department of Ecology, attempts by Western Washington cities to recycle or reuse food scraps and yard waste have been limited by a poor collections infrastructure.

425 Business
TellWise Helps Businesses Email Wisely

Endless games of phone tag and send-wait-resend email cycles are frustrating when you're trying to coordinate dinner with friends. But when a sale worth thousands or millions of dollars hangs in the balance, those games can devastate your bottom line. Tellwise is trying to solve that problem.

425 Business
TableSafe Uses a Handheld Device to Close Out Customer Checks

The recent highly publicized data breaches at Target, Home Depot, Sony, and Premera Blue Cross created trepidation about payment security. Consumers now question whether their next purchase is going to lead to a drawn-out process of recovering funds from fraud.

425 Business
Tying Brick and Mortar to Digital

Many of our wants can now be acquired with the swipe of a finger. You can use your smartphone as a remote control, pay for coffee directly from your mobile device, and get real-time traffic updates to help you make it through a nightmare commute.

425 Business
The Writing is on the PurpleWall

The idea for PurpleWall was born during a casual lunch conversation in 2013. The lunchers were Jonathan Chang and Alan Toledo-Ocampo, both marketing managers at Microsoft. The idea sparked when Toledo-Ocampo told Chang that he was watching HGTV with his wife and realized the whole interior design industry seemed old-fashioned.

425 Business
Issaquah Executive Finds Relief in Boating

Boating hasn't always been a part of Sandy Dupleich's life. The Issaquah resident and partner at Tukwila-based translation-services company Dynamic Language came to the area from Bolivia with her family when she was 2. Her parents started Dynamic Language, and now the company is recognized as one of the Northwest's leading translation services.

425 Business
Fund and Done

Knowing how to woo investors can turn a great idea into a well-funded company.

More than Okay Poke

A look at the popular Hawaiian raw-fish dish, plus my recipe for ahi poke.

Get It

Local product descriptions.

Washington State Visitors' Guide 2016

The official Washington State Visitors' Guide. Published in partnership with the Washington Tourism Alliance & Washington Lodging Association.


A regular roundup of publisher/editor selected social events.

The New Convenience

Amazon Go, the tech giant's new convenience store, boasts no lines, no cashiers, and no registers. And it's now open to the public.

5 Things to Ask When Planning a Large-Scale Event | Gourmondo

Blog · August 14, 2018 Large-scale events are fun and exciting, however, making them happen means juggling many moving parts. Planning is not for the faint of heart-it's easy to get overwhelmed by the many (but oh-so-important) details. Want to make sure your event is the talk of the town?

Publications/Editing/Project Management

Discover South Lake Union
Winter 2017/Spring 2018

Origin Stories: Seven Locals Share the Trials and Triumphs of Coming to America; Neighborhood Secrets; Pop-Up Pastrami; 72 Hours of Art

Discover South Lake Union
Summer/Fall 2018

37 Ways to Have Fun This Summer; The XX Factor—SLU is the city’s epicenter of science and technology. What role does it play in the #MeToo era?