Esther Wang

Editor, Chicago History Museum

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I'm a highly versatile writer and editor. I've worked with texts of all lengths from PhD dissertations to tweets, in all sorts of styles from marketing copy to academic blog posts, and in all sorts of formats from traditional print publications to all major social media channels. I grew up using the MLA Handbook, was formally trained to edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style, and have working knowledge of AP style.

By the way, I am in favor of the Oxford comma.

Social Media
Examples of Facebook Posts

Facebook posts I have written, such as behind-the-scenes, Throwback Thursday, promotion of an artifact + exhibition, and more. 

Print publication
Chicago History Museum events calendar

This marketing piece for tours and events is printed quarterly. It is an example of how I write and edit marketing copy.

Chicago History Museum
108 Changes since 1908 - Chicago History Museum

It is a well-known fact that the Chicago Cubs last won a World Series title in 1908. The 1908 Chicago Cubs team at West Side Grounds after winning the World Series. Photograph by the Chicago Daily News, SDN-006934A In the 108 years since, a lot has happened.

Chicago History Museum
What's Glove Got to Do with It? - Chicago History Museum

When you work at a museum, you wear specific gloves when handling certain artifacts, most of the time. Researchers and visitors often ask us why, so here's a bit more about why we love our gloves. Just a portion of the glove supply in the Collections office.

Chicago History Museum
A Quiet Start to the Atomic Age - Chicago History Museum

For the seventy-fifth anniversary of the first artificial self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction, CHM assistant editor Esther D. Wang recaps the events leading up to that moment, highlighting the youngest and only female member of the team.