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Apprentice at Dancing the Land Farm

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Jones is a Bethel graduate with a Reconciliation Studies major and minor in Spanish, seeking employment and experience in the fields of library science, social justice, and non-profit work. She is passionate about anti-racism work, the power of community and celebration of cultural identity. She sees herself as and has often been described as a bridge-builder, connecting people with resources, information, and each other to help accomplish their goals Jones likes lindy hop festivals and curating her Spotify playlists.


Writing and Reporting


Once she accepted the calling of Project DIVA outside of her job at Dunwoody, Kellogg's life got busy. "You have a lot of late nights where you're birthing a company or organization," Kellogg said. But that hard work proved worth it every time Kellogg met with the girls.

Royal Report
Being Benard

Benard Bampoh and his mother glanced at the television screen as they waited. Queen Latifah's enthusiasm filled the already packed immigration office, emulating the emotions felt by the people who packed it. Excitement. Nervousness. Impatience. Bampoh shifted his weight in his wheelchair for maximum comfort.

Bethel Clarion
Being gay at Bethel

Contributing reporter, photographer. This is a story about love, theology, fear and policy.It's about honesty, change, discomfort and pain.It's a story that's been left untold.

Royal Report
Bethel senior heads to Baltimore in solidarity

Justin Giuliano is once again headed straight into the thick of things. Joined with friends Patience Zalanga (whose photography was recently featured in a BuzzFeed article), Jobi Adams, and Makia Green, he's in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend assisting local activists and residents and documenting what they witness.

Royal Report
Thanks, Mom: Letting the Top Down

Driving through Delaware one decision at a time By Esther Jones | Royal Report I thought she was joking. "We'll just play it by ear," she said. I have never heard those words from the lips of my mother.

Royal Report
Royal Review: Black Sea Restaurant

If I say the words "Turkish food" and you don't get a mouthwatering image in your head, there's something wrong with your life. Black Sea Restaurant, a little hole-in-the wall, is a short drive down Snelling Avenue and across the street from Hamline University.

Editing & Design

Bethel University Journalism Magazine
Circus Therapy

Homeless young men pass on the confidence and brotherhood they found in Ethiopia’s capital city. Story by Morgan Spiehs, Story editing and digital design using InDesign by Esther Jones


Royal Report
#TFTB: Bethel first kisses

THOUGHTS FROM THE BUBBLE: How did your first kiss go? Haven't had it yet? Enjoy these stories from some familiar faces at Bethel University in St. Paul. Some were awkward. Some were surprising. None were perfect. For more Thoughts From the Bubble, or to watch on a full screen, go to the Royal Report YouTube page.

Royal Report
#TFTB: What can you say in another language?

THOUGHTS FROM THE BUBBLE: From Spanish to pig latin to Tagalog, most Bethel students have picked up phrases in another language. Find out what your peers know how to say - or think they know how to say - in this installment of Thoughts from the Bubble.

Royal Report
#TFTB: Embarrassing camp moments

THOUGHTS FROM THE BUBBLE: Did you ever do something stupid at camp? Something you wished wouldn't have happened? Or maybe the exploits of you and your friends will go down in history. Regardless, these Bethel students tell some pretty great stories. To see a full-screen version of the video, go directly to our YouTube channel and check out past episodes, too.

Audio & Photography

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