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Blogger, writer, and editor with a background in online content. I have a disproportionate fondness for semicolons. I've written for a range of national and regional publications - everything from general news to profiles of startups, lifestyle features to blogs.



How Real People Afford to Travel the World For Extended Periods of Time

Traveling the world for an extended period of time sounds like a pipe dream, right? Something reserved for only those with a healthy trust fund or jet-setting job? Not necessarily. If you're willing to be flexible and adjust your expectations, you might be surprised at how far you can go.

Beyond Bungy: 5 Wacky Things to Do in New Zealand | Cheapflights

New Zealand will forever be known as the home of bungy jumping (thanks, AJ Hackett!) and Queenstown's gone on to build a reputation as the adventure capital of the country. But there's plenty more options here to get your adrenaline flowing and blood pumping... What is a Zorb, you might ask?

Kiwi Kai - 5 Foods to Try in New Zealand | Cheapflights

Who has the rightful claim to pavlova: New Zealand or Australia? While we may never reach a full consensus on that, we've got lots more gastronomic goodies to shout about here. Being an island nation, New Zealand is blessed with fresh seafood; we're also keen sheep and dairy farmers, with our beef and lamb exported all over the world.


Show me the money: Saying no to working for free

Working for free remains endemic to the design industry - it's still seen as a rite of passage for those starting out, while those who make it to the upper echelons often exhaust untold resources on spec work in an effort to cinch pitches.

My Last Hundred Bucks: Scams, Wheels, and a Quest for Toilet Paper in Cambodia

40: Two single-day passes to the Angkor temples. We may have overslept and missed our early start, instead plunging straight into the sweltering mid-morning heat, but it was still worth every dollar. Bring hats; leave your fear of heights at home. Scaling the rickety wooden steps to the top of each temple requires all your wits.

Don't Be Afraid To...Invest In The Stock Market

In 2013, I decimated my savings. I spent six months traveling around the world, living off savings and random freelance work. That kind of thing tends to do a number on your net worth... But I got a pleasant surprise a few months after returning home and taking stock of my accounts.

Balancing Act: How to live like a student

The golden rule of personal finance, at least when it comes to saving, is to pay yourself first. If you can make putting away money a priority, then you're setting yourself up with basically the best financial habit there is. WIN!

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