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Esra Kelham

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5 factors to consider when choosing a NetSuite partner

Today's organisations are turning to NetSuite to not only provide them with a unified business management solution to meet short-term goals such as improving efficiency and productivity, but its agility for scaling-up and adapting as a business evolves means that it offers the capability for clear

NetSuite Tips: Contract Renewals Module Overview

Today, an increasing number of businesses choose to lay their foundations to include recurring payment transactions and it shows no sign of slowing down. From digital app services to media and publishing subscription based offerings, companies who were not offering a subscription based products an

How NetSuite Helps Technology Scale-ups To Prosper

The UK is leading Europe with scale-up investments according to the latest Tech Nation report: UK Tech on the Global Stage. We take a look at how NetSuite's cloud business management suite can enable those tech scale-ups to flourish. Tech Nation have been reporting on the evolving tech ecosystem s

6 ways software companies can use CRM for success

Software companies are not only one of the most evolving industries of all, but it is powering the UK economy. Recent figures demonstrate that the UK is Europe's leading software industry. Software companies contributed a total of over £145 billion of the total UK value-added GDP and supports

SuiteCommerce enabling eCommerce trends of 2019

With an evolving digital landscape, both small and large businesses can expect new challenges when it comes to generating an ecommerce strategy. Along with these new challenges comes new ways of resolving them. The solution required should have the capability to evolve and adapt to allow for the b

SuiteWorld 2019 Day 3 | Unlock Growth

SuiteWorld is in full swing and on Day 3, the extravaganza continues. The keynote today featured the SVP of Global Field Operations Jason Maynard who discusses the importance of alignment of mission, strategy and execution for business success. Unlock Growth NetSuite has accumulated a hu

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