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Esme Bennett

Freelance Writer

Location icon Germany

I am a freelance music writer.
Berlin based.

Available at [email protected]

Inverted Audio
Review: Floating Points: Crush - Inverted Audio

"This might be exactly the Floating Points we all know and love, but Crush greets us with a blinding intensity quite unlike what we've heard before" Some may not be aware of his background in neuroscience, yet Sam Shepherd's music and accompanying visuals always seem to paint the spaces between cellular abstraction and the vivid imagery of a pictorial universe - of which his sound would be the anthem.

'Giant Swan' is the Bristol duo's most bewildering, visceral outing yet | DummyMag

On Giant Swan's debut, self-titled album, Bristol-born Robin Stewart and Harry Wright draw a feverish line between techno and mutated hardcore, in turn inventing a pulsating industrial new sound. Originally beginning as a side project for the boys while performing in experimental band The Naturals who drew influences from shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and Lightning ...

The Quietus
The Quietus | Reviews | Sandunes

Sanaya Aredeshir, the Mumbai-based producer and composer otherwise known as Sandunes, explores boundaries and transitions on her new EP 11.11, released on !k7. Her self- proclaimed aim with this EP is to focus on "repetitive occurrences that we're happy to call coincidences".

Review: Loraine James - For You and I

Loraine James debut album on Hyperdub For You & I provides a refreshing insight into a talented artist on the rise, with a rich perception for rhythm and a sonically open mind.

The Quietus
The Quietus | Reviews | Tony Njoku

Tony Njoku's aptitude for fusing emotions with electronic avant-garde soundscapes is a force to be reckoned with. Njoku is a multi-disciplinary artist, drawing on the visual arts as inspiration with which to express his sonic affiliations. After spending his formative years in Lagos, Nigeria, Njoku has worked on exploring the ever-changing boundaries of identity in his synth-heavy music, both elegantly and intensely.

The Quietus
The Quietus | Reviews | Various

In the fall of 1994, friends Ben Davis, Pete Jenkinson, Miles Hollway and Elliot Eastwick launched the British dance label Paper Recordings in the heart of Manchester. Often cited as a phenomenon in underground house music, this compilation looks back at the greats of a label which has spanned over two decades.

Blanck Mass // Interview | LONDON IN STEREO

Ahead of his US tour, Esme Bennett caught up with the electronic auteur to discuss capitalism, snakes, painting and much more. Blanck Mass, aka Benjamin John Power, has made another twisted and brilliant ode to our current condition with his third album Animated Violence Mild.

Inverted Audio
Review: Call Super & Parris: CANUFEELTHESUNONYRBACK - Inverted Audio

"This is a portrait of two artists with an aptitude for fusing club tracks with experimental elements, synthesising each-other's styles to create a temporary state of elevation, both direct and elusive" Joseph Richmond-Seaton, better known as Call Super, has been revered for his unique experimentations in ambient dance music ever since he first stepped in the game, as further epitomised by his widely acclaimed 2017 LP, ' Arpo ', which highlighted his melancholic and tender approach to techno...

The Find Mag
Krautrock and its Hypnotic Legacy | The Find Mag

(Article by Esme Bennett | Illustration by Mladen Luketin) Most of us know krautrock, also known as kosmische musik, aptly meaning 'cosmic music', to be the West German genre rising to prominence in the 70s. Mostly affiliated with synth-pop and electronic act Kraftwerk.

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