Erran Gilchrist

Creative Copywriter, Strategic Planner

Location icon United States of America

A passionate communicator, I'm experienced in entrepreneurship, copywriting, education, group fitness and medical sales. I exhibit expertise in contributing individually, focusing on details, teamwork, organizing, multi-tasking and meeting deadlines. My background includes additional strengths in managing virtual curricula, leading large groups, delivering exceptional customer service, coordinating task logistics and hosting professional events.

*Published works below, containing graphics and video, were part of a collaborative team effort with Creative Mornings KC. My role was copywriting and assisting in hosting speaker events at the Kemper Museum.

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Glenn North is many things to many people. He's the Director of Education and Community at the Black Archives of Mid-America as well as a captivating and uplifting spoken word artist . With a wit as sharp as his focus on social issues, his thought-provoking poetry challenges audiences to be change agents in their communities.

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