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Erin Cullum


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Digital-media pro and writer/editor with a B.A. from UNC. Has a passion for words and food. Author of thousands of stories on POPSUGAR (249M views and 6M shares). Loves traffic, analytics, and a well-crafted push notification. Can be found exploring San Francisco and its many, many restaurants. Check out a sample of my work below.

Cindy Eckert and Rumer Willis Are Here to Remind Women They Have a Right to Desire

Cindy Eckert and Rumer Willis are on a mission to empower women to embrace their right to desire. Eckert is the founder of Addyi, otherwise known as the "female Viagra." The drug was approved by the FDA in 2015 after an uphill battle by Eckert and her pharmaceutical company, Sprout - then she sold said company for a cool $1 billion.

Everything You Need to Know About Gordon Ramsay's New Hell's Kitchen Restaurant in Vegas

Gordon Ramsay has 34 restaurants around the world, but none are quite like the new Hell's Kitchen-themed restaurant that just opened in Las Vegas. Located at Caesars Palace, Hell's Kitchen is an 8,000-square-foot restaurant that combines elements of the TV show with Gordon Ramsay's signature dishes for a truly unique dining experience.

I Need to Brag About the Face Oil That's Given Me the Glowiest Skin I've Ever Had

For my 26th birthday, I treated myself to a facial oil. It seemed like the one "grown-up" step in my skincare routine I hadn't devoted any time to, and I was seeing face oils everywhere. With promises to hydrate, fade discoloration, brighten, and tighten, the seemingly endless number of options to choose from intimidated me.

10 Podcasts That Make Me Look Forward to My Morning Commute

I love starting my day with a 30-minute commute by foot, partially because it gets my blood flowing and partially because it gives me time to listen to podcasts. While some podcasts should be reserved for longer periods of time (looking at you, Anna Faris Is Unqualified 's two-hour-long episodes), others are ideal for quick listening in the morning.