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Alternatives to "Wedding White"

Throughout many cultures, the traditional white wedding dress symbolizes purity, spirituality and "bridal joy." But, up until royal bride Queen Victoria, many other brides (including royalty) didn't wear white on their wedding day - so why should you feel like you have to?

Credit Cards for Wedding Planning: The Best Reward Plans to Utilize

Photo: Getty Images Even the most financially savvy, budget minded brides would agree... Wedding planning is EXPENSIVE. Whether you're throwing the party of the year or an intimate reception, why not get rewarded for the hard earned money you are spending? By using these credit cards as you plan (and pay!)

The Best Etsy Shops to Personalize Your Wedding

Photo: Courtesy of Better Off Wed Your wedding day should reflect who you are as a couple, and have pieces of your personality woven throughout. So what better way to achieve this than with personalized or custom wedding décor? Enter: Etsy.

Bridal Alternatives to Heels

Everyone's eyes will be on your dress, of course, but, as you walk down the aisle, don't forget what you're walking on - those special bridal shoes! The finishing piece to your bridal ensemble is, of course, your footwear.

What To Do If You Second Guess Your Wedding Dress

Photo: Getty Images It happens to the best of us. You say "yes to the dress," cry happy tears, pose for photos and go out to toast your big decision. But then days (maybe even hours) later indecision sets in. Did I make the right decision?

New Jersey Wedding Venues with a Rustic Feel

Photo: Courtesy of The Ashford Estate If you envision rustic, country, or vintage vibes for your big day, you're not alone. Rustic weddings with a country feel are gaining in popularity at rapid speed, and right outside of New York (in New Jersey), there are a ton of beautiful venues to suit your style.

Boozy Bridesmaid Brunch Locations in New York City

Photo: Courtesy of Bagatelle New York Brunch: the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking, and the best way to get all your girls together to celebrate all the festivities to come. Maybe you've already scoured Pinterest for a creative way ask, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

New Jersey Waterfront Venues with a New York City Skyline View

Photo: Courtesy of Liberty House There's no argument that one of the best things Manhattan has to offer is its skyline. The problem with getting married in NYC is that when you're actually in Manhattan, you can't always enjoy the view. That's what New Jersey is for!

Date Night Ideas for a New York City Engagement Celebration

Photo: Getty Images Congratulations! You're engaged and excited - but now what? Planning and parties and budgets, oh my! But, before you let the fun (and stress) of wedding planning begin, take some time to celebrate with your new fiancé for a special date night in NYC at some our favorite date night locations.

New Jersey Wedding Venues for the Classic Bride

Photo: Courtesy of Addison Park If marble dance floors, dramatic up lighting, crystals, drapery and other traditional touches make your eyes sparkle as much as your engagement ring, you are most definitely a classic bride. We've put together a multitude of timeless New Jersey spots to check out on your quest to pick the perfect venue.