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Los Angeles Times
On the Set: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law talk 'Sherlock Holmes'

This much is clear: It's 1891, a year after their first adventure, and the great English detective and Dr. Watson are facing off with Professor Moriarty, a mysterious, peripheral character from their initial blockbuster. Ask the creative forces behind "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" for more details on the new Robert Downey Jr.

The New York Times
'5 Days of War,' Renny Harlin on Russian-Georgian Conflict

THE director Renny Harlin is better known for his contributions to the "Die Hard" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchises than he is for anything to do with the real world. So the emotionally charged environment on the set of his reality-inspired action thriller, "5 Days of War," in the conflict-scarred nation of Georgia, grabbed his attention.

Brigitte Bardot: Sex Kitten or Savior of Kittens?

Large photos of the youthful Brigitte Bardot compete with each other on the façade of a prominent store on the Champs-Élysées. They convey just how ahead of her time the film star was. Bardot's young face, body, fashion, and many styles look utterly contemporary.

Los Angeles Times
'Mesrine': Public enemy, not a hero

The filmmakers avoid the French criminal's popular mythology to get at the darker truth. 'You can't pretend he is Robin Hood when he isn't,' says star Vincent Cassel. Paris - As the players came together to make an era-spanning two-film biopic on larger-than-life French gangster Jacques Mesrine, there was plenty of pressure to play to his outlaw legend.

The New York Times
In Spain, Serbian Film Raises Questions of Artistic License

PARIS IT isn't often that the director of an international film festival faces a possible prison sentence simply for showing a movie. Yet Ángel Sala, of the Sitges film festival in Spain, has been charged with exhibiting child pornography at an adults-only screening of "A Serbian Film" during that festival's prestigious annual showcase for fantasy and horror movies last October.

Genocide Film: Too Soon for Rwanda?

There is rarely anything resembling a "full recovery" for genocide survivors. Visions of people slaughtered by machete, their bodies left strewn over church pews, don't just disappear. Such bloodshed stains people-and nations-for lifetimes.So it goes in Rwanda, a country where 12 years ago remarkably well-organized Hutu extremist militias systematically murdered hundreds of thousands of ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

Los Angeles Times
Brigitte Bardot's shifting passions

The French film icon is as passionate as ever, but it's for the care of creatures rather than people. Her outspokenness on this and more has ruffled feathers. Reporting from Paris - As Brigitte Bardot approaches her 76th birthday, her starlet aura has been enjoying a broad resurgence - and the woman herself, plenty of attention.

The Other Side of Paradise

As Hany Abu-Assad knows, it takes a certain kind of fortitude--some might say recklessness--to make a film in a place under military occupation. While he was shooting his new movie, "Paradise Now," on location in the West Bank city of Nablus, a real-life explosion nearby killed three people.

Bernard-Henri Levy

To many outside France, Bernard-Henri Levy is the elegant caricature of a libertine Left Bank intellectual. But he also harbors a deep-rooted concern about the dangers of extremism--in all its shapes and forms--which has led him to a project stirring controversy on both sides of the Atlantic.

Los Angeles Times
Hollywood remakes of European films: Who's copying whom?

Some of the foreign filmmakers are imitating Hollywood in the first place. Reporting from Paris - - Given all of the Hollywood remakes of recent European films, it is worth asking: Who in Hollywood best channels French movie star Sophie Marceau?

Spin magazine
We Sing Everything

SPIN magazine - A polished yellow Hummer with tinted windows coasts over potholes and debris toward an intersection lined with metal-roofed shacks and street-side vendors hawking watches, sunglasses, and sodas. Young men loiter and bicker near ragged beggars and open sewer trenches. Then someone reads the Hummer's license plate and yells out "MM!"

The Daily Beast
'Baby Doc' Speaks

In an exclusive email to The Daily Beast, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, who was exiled to France in 1986, offered quake victims comfort and an $8 million pledge of support. Duvalier's dramatic departure to France was celebrated all around Haiti, and was seen as the closure of a dark period of terror that began under "Baby Doc's" father, Francois Duvalier, known as "Papa Doc."

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