Eric Carlson

Copywriter and Content Strategist

United States of America

Writing, in many ways, is a reflection of life, and its power rests in its ability to inspire people to think and live differently. I would like to harness that power, diving headfirst into the world of communication and ideas in order to connect myself and others with the world we live in.

Is Being a Billionaire Ethical? An Inquiry

A few weeks ago, I stayed up much too late doing a web search on John D. Rockefeller, the oil tycoon. I had just finished watching a YouTube video that documented his rise as the man behind Standard Oil, the company that profited billions in the booming oil industry during the late 1800s and early 1900s, making Rockefeller filthy rich in the process.

Into the quietude: a review of Jessica Pratt's "Quiet Signs" - LemonWire

Rating: 8.7/10 Is Jessica Pratt from the same time, the same place as the rest of us? Such is the impression one gets from her songs. In a world of overblown pop and insatiable rhythm, it can seem uncanny, or merely mystifying, to hear a singer-songwriter that seems to have appeared from another age, one ...

Shine Retrofits Lighting Blog
Why You Should Implement Daylight Harvesting

Daylight Harvesting is one of the most exciting and innovative fields in sustainable lighting design for buildings. If you're not familiar with the term and are interested in saving energy in your business, then it would benefit you to get acquainted and start incorporating daylight harvesting into your lighting system in whatever ways you can.

Shine Retrofits Lighting Blog
The Future of Lighting: Controls and Sensors

The world of lighting has been changing rapidly in the past few years. LED technology has made leaps and bounds in its effectiveness and applications, offering homeowners and businesses alike the opportunity to save even more money by installing energy efficient lighting in their spaces.

Expak Logistics
The 2018 ALA Conference Comes to New Orleans | Expak Logistics

If you're a library looking for a delivery solution, Expak would love to help. Please contact us to find out how we can offer you a low cost solution that will improve your courier program while also fitting within your budget.

Bahamas - "Earthtones" review - LemonWire

Rating: 8.1/10 On his new album "Earthtones," Toronto musician Afie Jurvanen has fully embraced his soft rock roots, crafting a tight, spacious album that finds the musician at his most expressive, and focused, in his career. The album builds its sound off of the musician's experiments in blue-eyed soul and soft rock, with Jurvanen ...

Kamasi Washington "Harmony of Difference" EP review - LemonWire

Rating: 9/10 Saxophonist and composer Kamasi Washington has been slowly cementing himself as the harbinger of all things righteous and groovy in the modern jazz scene. After his massive triple-album "The Epic," that simmered with jazz-rock fusion sounds and galactic instrumentation, Washington has gifted us a new EP called "Harmony of Difference," continuing to redefine ...

The National: "Sleep Well Beast" Review - LemonWire

Rating: 8.6/10 On "Sleep Well Beast" we get the pleasure of seeing The National toy with darkness as they expand their sound even further. Returning with their first new album in four years, the band wallows in a rich melancholy, draped in layers of synth to complement the driving anthems we've come to know them ...

How Music Affects Our Lives

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche You're rolling down the interstate in your car, early morning. The radio's on, and suddenly the song changes from humdrum pop songs you've heard a thousand times to something that immediately catches you.

Sondre Lerche "Pleasure" Album Review

Rating: 8/10 Sondre Lerche, sometimes jazz crooner and pop innovator, has laid his heart bare throughout his career. His personal lyrics and experimental yet accessible sound have balanced each other out expertly over the years, giving us just enough edge to sing along on songs like "Sleep on Needles" and "Heartbeat Radio," yet making one feel that every pop hook has a smirk behind it.

Bing and Ruth: "No Home of the Mind" Album Review

When it comes to describing Bing and Ruth's new album, "No Home of the Mind," one must first abandon the usual vernacular that comes with pop music. Terms like melody, solo, and riff become meaningless, swallowed by the gargantuan power of feeling and atmosphere that the band wields.

Suspect Magazine
We Will Meet Again

A short story about an aging jazz drummer dealing with memories, loss, and the rhythm of life.

Top 5 Holiday Gadgets for Dad | Homewerks Worldwide

So, it's Christmas time and yet again you've forgotten to buy your dad that thoughtful and clever gift you've always meant to get for him. During these moments you usually scramble through malls and department stores looking for something that he'll actually have use for, or at least find somewhat amusing.

Finding Joy with Knoxville Music

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