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The Irish Times
'Worse than any horror film': Inside a Los Zetas cartel 'kitchen'

Bloody handprints on walls, stained clothes, plastic cable ties, machetes and, as one person observes, the crunch of bones beneath a thick blanket of ash. Amid sobbing, families of some of Mexico's estimated 60,000 disappeared absorb the scene at La Gallera ranch in northern Veracruz.

The Irish Times
Day of the Dead offers little solace for families of kidnapped students

More than five years after 43 students from the Ayotzinapa rural teacher training college in Guerrero were kidnapped by Mexican police and subsequently disappeared, their families marched once more in Mexico City to demand justice and the return of their sons.

the Guardian
Mass trial of Basque activists in Spain ends with plea deal

A mass trial of 47 lawyers, doctors, psychologists and political activists began and ended in 25 minutes in Madrid on Monday. A plea deal allowed the accused to avoid sentences of up to 20 years on charges of membership of the now-dissolved armed separatist group Eta.

The Irish Times
Irish in Scotland have mixed feelings about Brexit

Fr Eamonn Sweeney (73) came to Scotland from Ballycroy, Co Mayo in 1969. For 23 years, he has been parish priest in Coatbridge, the Lanarkshire town known as "Little Ireland" because it is home to large numbers of people of Irish descent.

The Herald
Activist given legal aid

Undercover policing in Scotland is one step closer to a public inquiry following a decision to grant legal aid to campaigners seeking a judicial review.

Jordan struggles to draw new tourists

Amman, Jordan - For weeks after last month's deadly castle siege in the Jordanian city of Karak, police maintained a daily presence in an armoured Jeep in the heart of the capital Amman. A helmeted police officer constantly manned the heavy machinegun affixed to the Jeep's roof, scanning cars and pedestrians as they navigated through the central neighbourhood of Jabal al-Weibdeh.

Deported from Palestine: Why Israel fears journalists

Last September, the United Nations Human Rights Council called for international action to curb what it described as "an Israeli campaign to evict international workers". As Israel tightens its grip on Palestinians and their international supporters, a growing number of activists, researchers and journalists have been denied access by the Israeli authorities.

Behind the Wire

Behind the Wire is a photographic documentary about life in Scotland's only immigration detention centre. By capturing the testimonies of those held behind the fences of the historic Dungavel Castle, the film gives voice to those rendered unwanted by the British state.

The Electronic Intifada
Women's Boat to Gaza ready to break blockade

"If somebody falls overboard, all you see is their head. It's about the size of a coconut." With those words, Captain Madeleine Habib ensured the attention of her passengers, all now digesting the image of the vastness of the sea enveloping a human body.

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