Enrico Belcore

Content Writer

United Kingdom

Freelance writer based in Scotland; mostly deals with cultural journalism, travel, eco-living, and alternative lifestyles.

One Planet Journey
Slow Living and Travel in Central Portugal

One of the first things she pointed out was the barren landscape, explaining, as if she needed to excuse herself, that the 2017 wildfire had drastically changed the scenery. Once green and shaded by neck-cramping maritime pine trees, it was now dry and beaten up by the sun.

French Natural Wine in Val de Loire - The Traditions of Winemaking

Natural wine evokes notions of exclusive wine bars and fine dining, but, as One Planet Journey’s Enrico Belcore discovers, the world of natural wine is rural. After a month’s hard work, taking part in last year’s harvest in the French region of Val de Loire, he finds sustainability, tradition, and connection with nature at the core of the entire process.

A Model for Slow Travel in the Azores

For years, the Azores were overlooked, escaping—at least in part—the burdens of tourism thanks to their position in the middle of the Atlantic, just midway between Europe and America. That's now changed, with their isolation attracting nearly a million tourists every year shortly before the pandemic. Wild beauty and rural surroundings give the archipelago a certain uncharted charm, setting it apart from the mass tourism of the nearby Madeira and Canary Islands.

Generative AI and the Boundaries of Art

Berlin-based artist Boris Eldagsen took the art world by storm winning the Sony World Photography Award with an AI generated image. The whole project served as a provocation toward the art world, created with the intent of rising questions and sparking a discussion about what can be considered art, and consequently, what is the place of AI in the current art scene.

Bridge Chicago
Seeing Time in a Straight Line Rather than in Cycles

Recently, I've been seeing the word 'nomad' popping out from any corner. People all around the world have gone nomad, apparently. And surly articles on the topic are not scanty. It just takes a quick research on the web to find dozens of companies using the term as part of their brand.

Identity of Imperfection: Finding Your Voice in a Second Language

Identity works through mysterious ways. As a child, I believed I'd become a professional swimmer. After swimming came basketball, then skateboarding and then hundreds of other things. It’s never a conscious choice, rather a natural evolution that leads each one of us to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar.