Emma Woodward

Freelance Writer


Emma is a freelance writer from Victoria.

Unreal Engine at AIT

AIT was proud to host the February Unreal Sydney event, where Nick Gunn, Senior Technical Artist at Grease Monkey Games, presented a talk on using Houdini and Unreal for procedural road generation.

Coder Academy
Will AI Steal My Job?

If you're afraid that AI will replace programmers, don't be. Demand for well-trained, knowledgeable web developers and software engineers continues to grow.

What is the Slow Home Movement?

Curating a slow home means the very opposite of following the merry-go-round of ever-changing trends, where we constantly update our homes and lives to have the latest - only to throw it out when the next must-have item comes along.

We Are Explorers
Visit Small and Perfect Kilcunda on Victoria's Bass Coast

Located on Bunurong country on a popular stretch of the Bass Coast between Phillip Island and Wilsons Prom, Kilcunda has long been a popular destination for tourists travelling up or down the coast. While it may seem like the perfect pit stop, you’ll need more than a brief visit if you really want to experience everything this ripper of a town has to offer.

The Gurdies Nature Conservation Reserve

How many times have I driven through The Gurdies, seen the picnic stop signs, and wondered what was there? There's really not much to see from the road. On a beautiful sunny day, heading down the Bass Highway to Phillip Island, there doesn't seem to be much reason to investigate this strange roadside pull-in; apparently just a couple of picnic tables on the side of the highway.

The Discoverer
How to Skip the Zoo and Spot Australian Wildlife in Nature

If you want to see wildlife in the wild, or just on a budget, you’ll need a different approach. In many cases, you can get out and see wildlife wherever you’re staying in Australia. You won’t even have to stray far from the city that you’re visiting.

Focusing (focussing?) on the English language

As I was typing the other day I had a mental blank and couldn't remember if "focusing" needed one "s" or two. So, I typed it both ways just to check. "When we are focussing only on SEO, we are not focusing on readability." The squiggly red line failed to appear.