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Confessions of a murderer: Drugs, death and redemption in prison

The walls were closing in on John J. Lennon - a drug deal gone bad, his own habit spiralling out of control and untrustworthy people everywhere he looked. He sensed that he needed to take decisive action against the next person who crossed him.

Boeing 737 Max: Faulty design and pilot error caused Lion Air crash

Nine design flaws contributed to the Boeing plane crash that killed 189 people a year ago, an Indonesian investigation has found.The Boeing 737 Max plunged into the Java Sea shortly after take-off from Jakarta in October last year.Investigators said that the accident was caused by a combination of

Are you having a tri-life crisis? You're not alone

When a woman hits her 30s, she's expected to have it all: a trailblazing career, a loving family, a great home. But is this realistic in 2019, or is the pressure causing us all to suffer a tri-life crisis? Stylist investigates.

America's painkiller crisis

Jason Feldman was 25 when his dentist gave him painkillers for a toothache. He loved the sensation so much, he began taking them on a regular basis. When his prescription ran out, he began sourcing opioid pills from the streets. When he couldn't get enough feed his burgeoning habit, he gave in and started snorting heroin.

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'I was abducted by a pedophile while my parents watched'

When Jan Broberg was just 12 years old, she was abducted and repeatedly raped by the 40-year-old best friend of her family, who convinced her aliens wanted her to have a child with him. Her parents were so brainwashed by Robert "B" Berchtold, who had been molesting their child for months, they did not believe he had kidnapped her, and didn't report her missing for days.

The big lie of New York fashion week

"But I have a ticket," a woman pleads with the stern-looking glamazons dressed in black and holding clipboards. "Yeah, that's great, but if you don't have seating assignment, you have to wait in line," comes the reply.

'Anything could happen in the dungeon'

The walls have voices, names are scratched into every surface, echoing the endless screams of girls locked up, raped, beaten and abused. Jenny McNally can still hear them, decades later. For a while, she couldn't escape them, and wanted only to die as she listened to their cries mingling with her own.

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