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Emma Gombrii Olsson

Editor @ Killer And A Sweet Thang

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Writer, Editor, Journalism & Politics Student

Changing the Script: How cultural influences shape our understanding of consent

'Bad sex,' or sexual assault? Our lack of communication over sex has never been so apparent, and we need to analyze the forces that have shaped our understanding of consent. Recently, the most telling conversation about how our society understands sex hasn't been about Weinstein. No, that's too easy.

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Top Albums of 2018

As the year draws to a close, most take the time to reflect on their year, their achievements and what they've learned. However, we at the Strathclyde Telegraph think that that's a total waste of time. The only thing that matters is everyone's top album of the year!

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Glasgow Zine Library is now open to the public

The library contains Glasgow's first ever public space dedicated solely to zines and self-published literature. Apart from operating as a fully-functioning library, the space will also function as a community space hosting readings, zine workshops, writing groups, and screenings. The wordzinecomes from fanzine,a term coined in 1940 to describe science fiction publications made by fans....

Halloween, Forty Years On - Emma Olsson - Medium

Originally published in the Strathclyde Telegraph, October 2018. Print edition. Halloween was my mother's first and last horror movie. She would've been sixteen when it came out, but its mention still warrants shudders. "Terrifying," she tells me. "Why would you want to see that?"

I'll Take Some Politics with my Horror, Please - Emma Olsson - Medium

Originally published in the Strathclyde Telegraph, October 2018. Print edition. ___ BlackKklansman - Spike Lee's latest feature which premiered this summer - is not a horror film. It lacks the tacit signals telling us when to scream such as ambient music and jump-scares.

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Strath Union Aims to Abolish Graduation Fees

Strathclyde Students' Union has launched a petition to abolish graduation fees after the release of new figures from NUS Scotland. NUS Scotland has revealed that students may lose up to £225 in graduation costs, taken from collected data from winter graduations across all Scottish universities and colleges.