Emmanuel Adesanya

Creative Professional | Writer, Editor, Communications Specialist


I could start bragging, but I don't need to. The things I've done (as shown below) will convince you of what I am capable of.

But just to summarise it all for you - I can pretty much do anything, as long as it has to do with written communications.

I am an experienced wordsmith, who is aware of the power of words and their ability to shape narratives and perspectives, and I'm not afraid to wield them however I want, as long as they suit my purposes.

I love creative challenges and my ability to be laser-focused on projects ensures that no challenge is too high for me to surmount.

Basically, you need excellent hands for your creative projects, be it writing, editing and communications strategy formulation and execution? I'm your guy!

You can shoot me an email via - [email protected] OR connect with me through any of my digital assets.