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Bleeding heart liberal. First-Class BA in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. Cannot keep my mouth shut.

By day, I write for a disruptive fintech working to democratise the finance industry. By night, I write weird short stories, flash fiction, memoir and light journalism.

Winner of the Emerge Creative Writing Prize 2018
Second place at the Mid-Somerset Creative Writing Festival 2019
Shortlisted for the Janklow & Nesbit Prize 2021

email me at [email protected] to collaborate!

Blind Eye Publications
buy now pay later: is klarna the new millennial debt trap?

The buy now, pay later economy goes hand-in-hand with fast fashion, but the environment is not the only loser. In the wake of the coronavirus, a time where online shopping has snowballed, young people have found themselves drowned by debt.

Ellipsis Zine
the wrong tree

TW: This flash deals with sensitive issues.] This was how I buried him: beneath the roots of the wrong tree, in soil he was never meant to sleep in. Small enough to cradle in my palm, wrapped in tissue paper. I opened the package in the hallway, crouched on the back of my heels.

how to paint yourself into a corner

She asks, If your past had a colour, what would it be? You tell her it doesn't have a colour. It's just blank. A hole punched through a sheet of paper. She tells you to draw yourself. Go on, there's no right way or wrong way to do this, she says.

home with charlie

It's 6 pm on a Friday, Charlie. I don't like knowing the day and time. It makes me feel more alone, smaller, but I can't help myself checking.

oh you're in love with your abuser? that's not surprising

Being in love with your abuser is painful and confusing. On the one hand, you may fear for your sanity, your sense of identity, and possibly even your life. On the other, you may cling to the times your partner is loving and thoughtful, and feel that you're too in love to ever leave.

what is art therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that encourages free self-expression through artistic exercises such as drawing, painting or modeling. Art therapists work with a broad spectrum of patients, including children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Art therapy can often prove to be effective where other forms of therapy and communication are not.

The Mighty
don't say these things to someone with depression

If you have depression or know someone who does, you'll know that clinical depression (or non-situational depression) is not about being sad. That's a misnomer. Depression isn't "about" anything. It's an illness.

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