Emma Conn

Journalist, The Bubble

Location icon United Kingdom

I currently write for The Bubble, Argentina's only English-language news and culture publication. Originally a lifestyle journalist, I now cover politics, in particular the abortion debate.

In 2017 I graduated with First-Class Honours in French and Spanish from the University of Bristol. In my final year of university, I founded and edited Etincelle, a French-language news and lifestyle site featuring contributions from the university's students.

I am based in London.

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Argentina's Abortion Vote Inspires Worldwide Demonstrations

Protestors at the 'Pañuelazo Internacional' in London. (Photo: Emma Conn). As we wake up to the news that the bill to decriminalize and legalize abortion in Argentina has been defeated in Senate by 38 votes to 31 and the pro-choice movement wipes the green face-paint from tear-stained cheeks, it's easy to feel deflated after the soaring elation and hope that the vote in the Lower House had inspired.

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'The Handmaid's Tale' Comes to Congress

Blessed be the fruit, dear readers. May the Lord open. Yesterday afternoon, as the Senate officially began its hearings on the bill to legalize abortion, the collective Periodistas Argentinas silently protested outside Congress, dressed in the iconic red cloaks of the Handmaids of Margaret Atwood's seminal novel, The Handmaid's Tale.

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It's A Dog's Life: The Plight of Argentina's Greyhounds

In November 2016, amid tense showdowns between animal rights activists and galgueros (dog racers), the Argentine Congress voted unilaterally to outlaw dog races. While it had been illegal in many provinces previously, the lack of a total ban meant that there was minimal regulation of the practice.

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A Guide To Alternative Shopping: Autoría Buenos Aires

As we have seen in recent months, Buenos Aires has gone full steam ahead in reinventing itself as a fashion capital of the world, and the city is home to a vast community of young brands who are changing up the design scene.

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Argentina's New Era of Speciality Coffee

Speciality coffee seems to be something of an obsession in Buenos Aires at the moment, a stark change from just a few years ago when expats were bemoaning the limited options available in your average porteño café.

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5 New Buenos Aires Designers You Have to Know Now

Paris, London, New York... Buenos Aires. Now that the city has officially cemented its place in the lineup of fashion capitals, with its own Fashion Week and a growing roster of promising young talent, it's time to look at some of the hometown designers producing highly original work across Buenos Aires.

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A Guide to Alternative Shopping: Pop Up Buy-Buy

Pop-ups occupy that strange land between a feria and a showroom, combining the transitory nature of the former with the curated, personal experience of the latter. They seem to come away with the best of both, more fluid and varied than showrooms but with more structure and thought than a feria, joining all these elements to create something relentlessly new.

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'Marx is Born' at the Teatro Cervantes

Has Capitalism got you down? Did Semana Santa interfere with overthrowing that damn bourgeoisie? Not to worry, the Teatro Cervantes is here to soothe all your revolutionary needs in a one-day, fun-filled Karl Marx extravaganza.