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Emily Winters is educated in Kimbolton School on a double scholarship of academia and music.
She received has received excellent grades from Kimbolton and will leave the school with higher qualifications in: English Literature, Creative Writing, Maths, Further Maths and Music.
She currently writes regularly for the online magazine Muteprint and Daily News Service.


My godfather once told me "Everyone strives for immortality, through great works of art, their children; everyone wants to live forever." Similar to the words of "Fame," the neon leg warmer star school series: "I wanna live forever!" And some people attempt that immortality through fame, searing their impression in history; the music industry is no exception.

Atheism: The new religion

How Atheism is just as bad as any religion. Religion: noun 1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

Latin-American Influence

The British Empire, while establishing very exploitive trade routes, was central to the spread of music, resulting in modern western music as we know it.

The truth about class distinction

The social order has been central to British culture since our origins in the feudal saxon tribes. While we aren't as prejudiced as the Indian "Caste" system, the distinction between our classes is highly apparent. The question you should ask yourself, is which one are you?

Generation Z: Welcome to the New Age

Generation Z Generation Z has well and truly launched. The digital generation. The Apple generation. We look to the future with frightening efficiency. Unlike our older siblings the "Millenials" we don't drink our rent money, or post pictures of drunken half naked photos of ourselves, though millions of perfect selfies testify we are just as self-absorbed.

Wardrobe essentials: The immortal neutrals

The clothes you will wear forever. Trends will come and go, designers will rise and fall. The earth turns and fashion moves on, save for the few constant clothing pieces which, should you invest in them, will see you safe throughout the rest of your lifetime.

Two young girls attacked by gang in Kettering

On Saturday 13th June two girls were attacked in Kettering in Huntingdon. Milly* and Bella* are both 17 and the previous day had been subjected to catcalls by a number of men while walking together. On the night on the event they were approached by a girl claiming to be the girlfriend of one of the men, who first threatened, then attacked the girls.

What you don't want to know about SEX

Don't read if squeamish... Sex is a huge part of our culture, but unfortunately the ideal sex portrayed in porn just isn't realistic. The dirty realism of the baby dance is not so great, hygienic, and not even pleasurable very often.

The top 5 new office rules

The rules we really want the management to enforce. Work is politics, especially if you work in an office. There are rules of conduct that must be adhered to. Admittedly most of these are unspoken but we have decided to let you in on our revamped top 5 office rules for the new age.

Its All About Sex

Its all about sex! The number of musical sex symbols are endless.Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, Pharrel Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and oh so many more*. And that's for a number of reasons.

A Brief History Of Music

Music is the oldest form of artistic expression, there having been voices and rocks to bang together, long before there were paintbrushes, and strange people who claim their epileptic fits are abstract dance. But the greatest developments have all taken place within the last two centuries.

Quiet Lions - No Illusions (Album)

Quiet Lions has once again produced a stellar album consisting of haunting melodies, coupled with poignant close harmonies, due for release on June 8th. In Shallows, the initial drum beat is initially quite irregular but after a shaky start the poetic lyrics and skilful guitar handling takes the music to a level of depth not explored nearly enough in the modern music of today.

Paedophilia in Music

It's an ugly word, and if that accusation is smeared on someone, it is highly unlikely that they will ever work again, whether the claims are true and spread all over the front page with gruesome detail of the horrendous acts, or they are false, and the final media coverage is a small coverage of the trial at the bottom of page 7, too little, too late to make any difference to the alleged offender.

The Peak Hipster Era

How to spot a Hipster As summer boils over in the saucepan of the year, the hipsters shed their annual growth of beards and man-buns. This natural occurrence can be observed in their natural habitat, the city.

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