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Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
Guyana Gets Ready for Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Guyana's official motto is one people, one nation, one destiny. On May 26, 2016 this beautiful country will be celebrating its golden jubilee of independence. On May 26, 1966 Guyana officially gained its independence from Britain. As Toronto gears up to celebrate these fifty beautiful years of independence it is important to acknowledge just how far Guyana has come as a country.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
The Race to Find Davey a Match: Urging the Community to Unite

Ready, set, go. The race to find Davey Rochester a stem cell match is on. At just thirty years of age, Davey Rochester is fighting the toughest battle of his life, a rare cancer by the name of Adult T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
Giving Guyanese Children the "First Step" to Success in School

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world" .These are the words of the late and great Nelson Mandela. In North American we often take education for granted, without thinking about the struggles other children have to go through just to get the necessary supplies for the school year.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
Young Leaders Receive Prestigious Lincoln M. Alexander Award

The month of February is a time to reflect back on the accomplishments, triumphs and successes of African Americans as we celebrate black history month. One individual who has left a permanent mark in political history is the late Lincoln MacCauley Alexander.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
Historica Canada Presents an Evening Celebrating Black Women

Black history month is a time to look back into Canada's diverse past and honour the individuals who courageously took a stand against racism. On Thursday, the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon inside the Toronto Reference Library came alive as Historica Canada hosted "An Evening Celebrating Black Women In Canada."

FEATURE: Bringing Back the Smiles to Haitian Children

By Emily Singh July 3rd, 2013 Edition There are many types of heroes in this world, however not all of them are decked out in capes and masks, this is certainly the case with Allison Harvey. In the span of three years she has managed to raise thousands of dollars for 12 orphanages across Haiti.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
Fitz "The Whip" Vanderpool: The Man Behind The Boxing Gloves

"With hope it's possible." These are the words that Fitzroy "The Whip" Vanderpool lives by. Born in Trinidad, Vanderpool went on to become a renowned professional world boxer with six titles under his belt. Vanderpool's successful career took off in 1996 when he became the Canadian Welterweight Champion.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
TDSB Trustee Candidate Receives Community Support at Holiday Gala

The sweet sound of the steel pan filled the room as Kwesi Johnson, dressed in a simple black suit and a bowtie greeted guests as they entered the Estate Banquet and Event Centre on Saturday. Johnson is one of the many candidates running for the position of Toronto District School Board trustee in Ward 21, Scarborough-Rouge River.

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper
Getting to Know TDSB Trustee Candidate Kwesi Johnson

When we think of heroes, some of the things that immediately come to mind are capes and super powers. For many of the youth living in Scarborough, Kwesi Johnson has neither of those, but can be considered a hero nonetheless.

Women Build project helps Habitat for Humanity - Skedline.com

The Women Build 2014 project run by Habitat for Humanity aims to build 15 town houses in Scarborough and another 18 homes in Brampton for low-income families. Suited up in their steel-toed boots and hard hats , the women came together at the Torbram Road and Clark Boulevard site in Brampton to build, each with their own unique story as to why they were here.

The Jonestown Massacre 36 years later - Skedline.com

The Jonestown tragedy in Guyana, South America was 36 years ago on Nov. 18, 1978. More than 900 people died in a mass suicide orchestrated by the leader of the Peoples Temple Jim Jones. This grim day would be also remembered as when the most American lives were list in a non-natural disaster before the 9/11 attacks.

Animals in India: Entertainment or Living Things? - Skedline.com

Honking horns, halting traffic and scorching heat-this is India. However India is also revered for its animal diversity. Monkeys running through markets and cows sitting in the middle of roads stalling traffic are nothing new to the near 1.28 billion people that call it home.

The Benefits of Yoga for Children - Skedline.com

Downward dog? Warrior poses? Kids could careless about yoga, but the thing is, they should. Yoga provides not only a physical transformation but also mental stimulation and spiritual growth. Parents are a child's first teacher and many have begun to educate their children about some of the many benefits that yoga practice can offer.

Humber students plan Oz screening for good cause - Skedline.com

Humber College Lakeshore's Event Management postgraduate students are getting ready to give back to the community. There will be an exclusive screening of the classic hit The Wizard of Oz at the Regent Theatre on March 15. Half of the funds raised will go towards Humber's College Scholarship Fund and the other half to the Hospital for Sick Children.

Target's liquidation letdown - Skedline.com

After 22 months of being in Canada, department store giant Target is closing down its stores. Bargain hunters are jamming the stores for the liquidation sale that started today across the country. Student Justin Le Blanc says he is a frequent Target shopper who likes the selection the store offers.

From He to She: Coming out as Transgendered - Skedline.com

It was a Thursday, sometime in January of 2014. Diana, with her hair tied neatly in a ponytail had just exited the ladies restroom while on her lunch break. She walked out confidently as a security guard grilled her from top to bottom. This was inside George Brown College in Toronto.


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