Emily Scaife

Freelance writer

Location icon United Kingdom

I write for publications including Rock 'n' Roll Bride, Betty, Countryside, Farmers Weekly and #studentfarmer

A playground of roses

Emily Scaife recalls the beauty of a childhood filled with flowers and how they punctuate some of her dearest memories.

Land Business
Seeing the wood for the trees

Once-neglected woodland is now being managed to enhance its value as an amenity, wildlife habitat and resource – and landowners are reaping the rewards

Better latte than never: the dairy making perfect milk for your coffee

Look in a standard supermarket trolley and there is one thing most of us always buy. It's simple, basic and there's a strong chance it's the cheapest purchase you'll make that day. Usually, it costs less than a bottle of water. Sure, you can treat yourself and buy organic, but that's about as fancy as it gets.

Hot Rum Cow
Tipsy travelling

Emily Scaife explores the notion that when it comes to drinking, it's the journey that matters, not the destination

Rock N Roll Bride
Love letters

There is so much to be said for the modern world. What did we do before Twitter, digital cameras, email, online shopping and Facebook? As great as they are, there's something they all lack - permanence and preciousness

FG Insight
"I wasn't just another body for him to deal with- I'm a farmer"

In the first of a new series to raise health awareness, Emily Scaife meets Wayne Smith - a bowel cancer survivor who is keen to spread awareness of the disease within the farming community. "Before I went into hospital I wanted the surgeon to know that I wasn't just another body for him to deal with.

Pure Imagination

The real Willy Wonka is alive and well - and he's making chocolate in a cowshed in Wales

In soldiers' footsteps

In the run-up to Remembrance Sunday, Emily Scaife looks back on an extraordinary event that brought power and poignancy to the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme

Land Business
2030 Vision

Strutt & Parker has worked with the CLA to produce Rural Business 2030: Unlocking Investment, Unlocking Potential – a new report that explores the possibilities to invest in and grow the landowning sector between now and 2030. It focuses on three key areas of opportunity: natural capital, energy and connectivity. Here, Strutt & Parker experts discuss the prospects that each area presents

The wonder of wool

Solidwool creates a brand new way of working with wool

Christmas crackers

Take a little time for yourself this Christmas with one of our top 10 Christmas books, as chosen by Emily Scaife

FG Insight
84 year old force of nature looks set to farm forever

Joan first came into the public conscious when she was named the Countryfile Farming Hero in the 2015 BBC Food and Farming Awards. Her story was so inspiring the book offers quickly came rolling in from publishers keen to tell a bigger audience about her life.

FG Insight
Is bone broth the next big thing?

Is bone broth the new healthy food trend? #health #eatclean Does the future of health lie in bone broth? #eatclean #health The concept of 'clean eating' was unheard of a few years ago, but in recent months many farming businesses have benefitted from the upsurge in people choosing to embrace a healthier lifestyle.