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Emily Lowes

Multimedia Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

Freelance multimedia journalist, videographer, marketer, and graphic artist. I am trained in text, audio, visual and social media storytelling, but I have a passion for writing and videography. I'm a keen content creator with a wide skillset which enables me to tell people's stories in the most effective ways.

I have a vested interest in investigative and solutions-led content, as well as pop culture and trending topics. I also have a background in subediting for an online newspaper.

City Talks: In Conversation with Lydia Polgreen

Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost flew from New York to Birmingham to discuss truthful reporting and diversity in the media Lydia Polgreen, the award-winning Editor-in-Chief of HuffPost, flew from New York to attend the Centre for Journalism launch at Birmingham City University.

To Manchester and back again

Just over three years ago, I started my first ever journey up to what was to be my home for the course of my UG Degree - sunny Manchester. In the months running up to the start of the Philosophy...

I Am Birmingham
Birmingham students strike from school to protest lack of climate change awareness | I Am Birmingham

A rally in Birmingham attracted hundreds of pupils as schools up and down the country were missing young people, who decided to attend Youth Climate Change marches instead. Over 300 people attended the march and demonstration in Birmingham's Victoria Square, where students took to the microphone to share messages of disapproval about the lack of government initiative to tackle climate change.

Stories of Palestine

Told by Emily Lowes What started off as a voluntary trip to the Middle East turned into an almost-decade-long mission to help the oppressed peoples of Palestine. Nine years ago, Angela went over to help run a summer school for Palestinians in the West Bank, and ended up doing so much more.

Birmingham's knife crime epidemic | A documentary

The metropolis has seen some of the worst statistics for knife-related crimes in the whole of the UK over the last decade. The recorded number of incidents in the region was over 4,000 last year, with most NHS admissions categorised as "assault by sharp object" involving young victims. 300 children here were identified as "involved in a gang" in 2018, which is a considerable increase from previous years.

What I learnt from my short stint in Harlem

Following a recent trip to New York, I want to share my experience of living in North-West Harlem for 5 nights. When I told people I was staying in the area, I was met with reactions of shock and disbelief, from both New Yorkers and people from home (England).

Navigating the "what now?"-ness of accomplishments

The feeling you get when you've finally finished something you worked on for so long Completing a major milestone is great, and for most, it's a time to relax and enjoy the art of nothingness for a little while. For others, it's time to reflect on how reaching this point, once, felt so unattainable.