Emily Lovell

Freelance Writer and Photographer

United Kingdom

Colourful Photographer and writer with a passion for Asian travel and pop-culture.


Alternative Fashion & Pop Culture

#Photography Magazine

#PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine - Issue 20

Interview with Casey Meshbesher, founder of women's street photography movement 'Women in Street' for the Women's Issue #21.

Europe Unite - #PHOTOGRAPHY Issue 18

Interviews with migration culture photographers Emanuele Cremaschi (p36-39) and Daniel Castro Garcia (p92-108) for Issue 18 of #Photography Magazine.

Free Range 2016 | Week 1 Round-Up

It’s that time of year again, where students from universities up and down the country descend upon The Truman Brewery to showcase their final year degree projects at the Free Range exhibitions. Free Range has been running since 2001, and is a fantastic platform for students from creative degree courses, such as fashion, art, design and photography, to showcase their talents.

Japanese Culture

Japancentre blog
Celebrating Tanabata in Japan

Celebrating Tanabata in Japan Summer is a time for festivities and fun in Japan and as Tanabata (Japan's Star Festival) draws closer, people up and down the country get well and truly into the party spirit. Celebrated on different dates in different regions, Tanabata kicks off on 7th July and continues throughout August with festivals,...

Japancentre blog
Enjoy Freshly Milled Rice at Japan Centre

With over 70% of the Japanese population eating rice once a day and Japan sitting in the top 10 largest producers of rice globally, rice is a core part of the Japanese diet. Incorporated into a myriad of dishes, from sushi and onigiri to curry rice and donburi this seemingly humble grain is packed full...

Japancentre blog
Celebrating Children's Day in Japan

With four national holidays crammed into 7 days, Golden Week is a time of great celebration in Japan. Children's Day (or Kodomo no hi), the final day of the Golden Week celebration, is a time for families all over the country to join together and wish health, happiness and prosperity upon their children.

Japancentre blog
The Wonder of Sudo Honke Sake

Sake is one of Japan's most famous exports and this delicious alcoholic drink made from fermented rice has a unique flavour that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. New to Japan Centre this week is a range of premium sake from Sudo Honke, a Japanese brewery based in Obara, Ibaraki Prefecture.