Emily Hart

Journalist and Researcher

Location icon Colombia

Multimedia journalist focussed on Latin America, social issues, and human rights.

Bilingual - English & Spanish | Trained at Press Association (NCTJ-accredited)

Bylines in the Times, the Telegraph, Colombia Reports, Culture Trip, RightsInfo and various UK local news outlets. Interviewed live by Sky News about events unfolding in Buenos Aires.

My research and analysis on politics and human rights has been quoted in the Guardian, Time Magazine, and by the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression.

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Latin America Correspondent

International Multimedia Journalist

Colombia Reports
"Enough" - Medellin protests spiraling violence

Hundreds gathered at a Medellin art festival on Monday to demonstrate against the spiraling violence and impunity that plague Colombia's second largest city. Central to the opening night was one of the victims, graphic artist Mauricio Ospina.

Writing Rights - Blog
Bolivia in Buenos Aires: a different kind of protest

I slipped past a huge police barricade and into the protest, immediately faced with a wall of smoke. Too early for that, surely - less than an hour into the protest? Braced, I held my sleeve over my face, already too late. ​

Human Rights - Researcher and Analyst

The Global Expression Report

I research and author ARTICLE 19's annual 'Global Expression Report'. The Global Expression Report reviews and analyses major developments in freedom of expression around the world, using a range of sources, interviews, and data.

Colombia Reports: Reporting from Medellín

Colombia Reports
Emily Hart - Author Page

Regular contributor to Colombia Reports, subsequently taking on an editorial role while in Medellín (Colombia) in 2019. Colombia Reports is South America’s most-read independent news publication in English, cited by major media outlets such as the New York Times, BBC, CNN, The Huffington Post, and others.

Menstrual Justice

Dignity for all must mean dignity in the cells. Period.

The rights of women on their periods in police custody are being violated in England and Wales, according to police custody watchdog the Independent Custody Visitation Association (ICVA). "I know what it's like as a woman, to feel dirty, and like you don't have control, bleeding...

Bloody Good Period.
A bloody mess: menstruating in police custody

"No girl should be missing school because she can't afford to have a period," said Amika George, starting a movement with the #FreePeriods protest. And she's completely right, of course. But the issue goes way deeper. Women have the right to dignity in menstruation in every situation, and no public body should be failing to respect and fulfil this right.

Culture and Review

Reaction Magazine
Review: The Writer at the Almeida

Ella Hickson's 'The Writer' is a blistering two hours of unanswered questions. It is relentless and hopeless, but ultimately, to use its own words, 'defibrillating'. The Writer of the title walks the stage in numerous guises, from Lara Rossi's furious 24 year old to Romola Garai's Writer, with various personas from mythical narrator to exasperated playwright.

About Time Magazine
About Time: You Saw Three Mothers

'Mothering' is a focus on a woman's status as a mother regardless of her other roles and identity. It is an all-too-common way of rendering women two-dimensional, disseminated all across art and media, but new play Three Mothers flips our expectations of the word, redefining it as something infinitely more complex and authentic.

Press Association
Ai Weiwei's 'Human Flow' is moving, but ultimately a pessimistic chaos

"Why make the film?" Ai WeiWei was asked last night after the first UK screenings of his first feature length documentary: "To gain more knowledge on a global scale: to see the human flow." Ai WeiWei sets out to find out more, to know better what this refugee situation is: 65 million people, across more than 40 camps, in 23 countries.

Hay Festival
"We have to keep our language of enthusiasm and curiosity," Patti Smith at the Hay Festival

On Friday night, in the midst of a storm, Patti Smith recited her poem Hecatombe - an homage to author Roberto Bolaño; she then alternated between spoken word and musical work, speaking of hope in the face of the challenges ahead, and urging us to find ways to be together - and to love. On Saturday morning, she spoke with Diego Rabasa about politics and the art of being an artist

About Time Magazine
About Time: The Damsel Disappeared

Something a little questionable emerged from this year's awards season. It seems that at this year's Oscars, and actually for much of this decade so far, there is a strong trend towards the historical and biopic, with the various ceremonies becoming orgies of celebration of historical underdogs; there's a strange sense that these awards are ...

Digital Rights

Freedom of Expression

Hay Festival
Investigative Journalism in Mexico: ""We are between three fires."

Investigative journalism is having a pivotal moment in Mexico: in recent years, vital information has come to light through journalistic work – notably on corruption by companies like Odebrecht and governors like Javier Duarte de Ochoa. Journalists Alejandro Páez Varela, Nayeli Roldán, and Marcela Turati came together in a panel at the Hay Festival Querétaro to discuss the importance of the work, and its future in Mexico.

The Huffington Post
The Right to Know: Red Junco And The Roots Of Empowerment

A woman in rural Mexico recently told my colleague, "We've always been told we don't have a voice, but that's not true. Since we began looking for information, my life changed, and the lives of other people in the community as well." Today, 28 September, is International Right to Know Day.

The Huffington Post UK
Hacktivism to Balaclava Punk: Protest Must Be Protected in All Its Forms

Protest is increasingly going digital. Whether it is using the internet to organise and report physical acts of protest, using online space as a platform on which to take action, or targeting online infrastructure itself: across the world, people are taking their right to protest online.

Local News Reporting

Hampstead Highgate Express [PDF]
Romance, Exile, and Souflée: Kenwood's Grand Duke Romanov

Exiled from Russia after an unsuitable marriage, Grand Duke Michael Mikhailovich Romanov lived at Kenwood House for more than a decade, spanning the Russian Revolution and WWI. Print and E-Edition of the Ham&High, p18 http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&edid=88117e2c-6037-49cc-bc95-c5500c2b3410

Press Association Blog
UK toy shops face tough times

In 2018, TOYS 'R' US will be closing 26 of its UK stores, with 800 jobs at risk, as toy shops disappear and high street outlets struggle across the country.

Hampstead Highgate Express [PDF]
Kaiser Wilhelm's Spies in Hampstead

120 German spies operated in Britain from 1914 to 1918. Print and E-Edition of Ham&High, p18 http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&edid=f8c3d395-a3cb-47a2-9ee9-aa43dfe48053

Writing Rights Ltd - Copywriting and Organisational Content

Opening up Russia: The right to information and the fight for transparency - ARTICLE 19

Enabling people to access information is empowering. It provides a means to understand and effectively engage with institutions that hold the power to affect their lives. This report examines the situation for people in Russia to obtain government held information, the rights they have under international and national law to access information and the obstacles they face in exercising those rights.

Writing Rights
The Digital Fightback at ORGCon17

It is all about resistance - pushing back against the erosion of human rights online in the name of national security, efficacy, and even Internet access itself.

Writing Rights Ltd - Editing

Germany: Responding to 'hate speech'

This report examines legislation, policies, and practices related to 'hate speech' in Germany, with a particular focus on the media. It examines compliance with international freedom of expression standards and offers recommendations for improvement. It also describes recent changes to legislation related to 'hate speech', in particular in regard to social media networks.

Privacy International and ARTICLE 19
Privacy and Freedom of Expression In the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of our daily lives. This technology shapes how people access information, interact with devices, share personal information, and even understand foreign languages. It also transforms how individuals and groups can be tracked and identified, and dramatically alters what kinds of information can be gleaned about people from their data.

Privacy International
Fintech: Privacy and Identity In the New Data-Intensive Financial Sector

Financial services are changing, with technology being a key driver. It is affecting the nature of financial services, from credit and lending through to insurance, and even the future of money itself. The field of fintech is where the attention and investment is flowing.

Tightening the Net Part 2: The Soft War and Cyber Tactics in Iran - ARTICLE 19

Despite being one of the region's leading cyberpowers, Iran is one of the worst violators of international standards relating to the Internet, routinely violating human rights exercised online, and using online tactics to restrict rights exercised offline. A regime-led ideological Soft War threatens to keep Iranian citizens isolated from the rest of the world, and ...


Hampstead Highgate Express
Sun shines on druids at Primrose Hill equinox celebration

Archant Poet William Blake, perhaps the most famous member of the Druid Order, wrote, "I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill." A druid holds a ceremonial flask of wine, which was offered to the earth during the celebration.

Student Journalism - Cherwell

The Oscars: Who Gives a Sh*t?

For those who couldn't be bothered to sit through 84 hours of the film industry's most self-indulgent self-congratulation, Cherwell brings you the 'important' bits of what you missed.

Review: Africa

Storytime with Grandpa Attenborough in Episode 1 of 'Africa' Predictably, David Attenborough's new series Africa is utterly great. Better than great. This first episode is about the Kalahari desert and its inhabitants, and the four years of research and filming has produced some truly amazing sequences.

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