Emily Petrovski


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I am a Northwest native now in Big Sky Country with a passion for writing about science and the environment. I am hard-working, self-motivated and have great planning and communication skills. I work well on tight deadlines and collaborate well with others.

Philipsburg Mail Newspaper
Helmville Rodeo

The center spread of the paper featuring the Helmville Rodeo.

Knitting: Not your grandma's hobby anymore

Shot and Edited by Emily Petrovski Knitting isn't just for grandmas in rocking chairs. More young people are picking up the hobby. Two members of Western's knitting club describe how they got started and why they love to knit.

Education Outdoors

Extending their lessons beyond their classrooms, local middle school students head outdoors for hands-on lessons in ecology, watershed science and civic engagement. Taught by Huxley College environmental education students, the middle school students benefit from this program that complements their standard education.